Less bricks, we love the jungle not the zoo.

We choose to live in the jungle, not the zoo. We have no office, because we love to live in the field and the reality. Granted, living and working closer to home and to real people makes our world messy. But grounded in human complexities we are more open to uncertainty, and to the vulnerabilities of others and ourselves. We value empathy, and we think less bricks allows for it.

More bridges, less borders

Working across all time zones, with more then 20 nationalities, living in +25 countries enables us to have global reach with human scale. We look for common denominators to build relationships in surprising and obvious ways. We value exploration, and we think it’s human diversity and flow that helps us see different things, go beyond our own beliefs and limitations, and build richer stories, brands, purposes and identities.

Less bosses, kill the gurus

If bosses are the people who know it all, the gurus who always can show the way to clients and people in the company – then we have no bosses. Our job is to provide people and organizations with the tools and the support to discover with human sense. We don’t have ready-made answers: we guide and get people on board, traveling with them, staying curious and committed even when the destination is unclear. We value empowerment, so we inspire people, at Innate Motion and with our clients, to take responsibility for their contribution, their transformation, and their growth.

B-Corp, let good rule

We need more people to humanize business.We recruit great people with the skills and hunger to help make business what it’s meant to be: something that makes our lives better. Working at Innate Motion is a unique experience – we work along what we call the “B’s way”, It functions on values, not along systems or rules. It leverages the power of empathy, values creativity and learning, and empowers people to tune-in, align and self-organize.

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