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We developed tools to better understand human behavior and emerging trends. And to capture the essence of brands that people love. We take play serious, so we also developed games to help people and businesses to stand up for a better world.  Read on to learn how our tools can empower your company. Over the years, we authored books that document our inspirations, motivations and methods.

people cultural research
positioning with purpose
activation and innovation
change engagement
home to home research

In current times we receive a lot of questions about working-from-home and running research remotely. At Innate Motion we have been working from home since our birth, in 2006. We are happy to share how to best run research in the virtual world. We call it Home-to-Home research, because all participants, including the researcher are at home.

360° Immersion

A 360° Immersion is an opportunity to get to know people and the ecosystems that they are a part of. During a couple of days, we connect to a person through different channels. We naturally follow the medium the person uses in today’s world to stay in touch with each other, such as: Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Facetime. The gathered learnings are comparable to those of classical ethnographic interviews.

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Online communities

An online community is an opportunity to involve people and allow them to interact with each other as well as the community moderator in the privacy of their homes. During 5-10 days we shape a special community based on relevant criteria for the topic at hand. An online community gives access to people from all areas in the world, allowing us to reach people we might not otherwise be able to meet.

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Online focus groups

An online focus group allows everyone to participate from the privacy of their home. No need to travel. In a home setting, people tend to be more relaxed and open to contribute. It also allows to make people fill up individual tasks and upload pictures, texts, drawings, and collages. The creative expression is seen as rewarding. It brings depth and dynamic to the discussion.

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human framework

how it works 

book of archetypes

In his theory of the human psyche, Carl Jung proposed the idea of archetypes: images and thoughts in the collective consciousness which have universal meanings across cultures. When used in business, these archetypes create role models whom we can emulate. This book is a guide that helps you and your managers make sense of archetypes, and apply them in a useful way to build engagement platforms both inside and outside your organization.

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digital purpose dive

The Digital Purpose Dive is a 100% digital, guided workshop to create a relevant and meaningful purpose. Captured with our strategic hero tool: the Believer’s Pyramid. The entire process uses co-creative exercises to collectively shape a path forward and includes step-by-step support to ensure seamless usage. The whole experience is designed to be engaging and to drive active participation

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positioning with purpose

We craft brands that people love. Brands that represent people in how they wish to see the world, inspire to be and yearn to feel. Brands that stand up for a better world. See how Unilever people talk about the positioning with purpose.

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As part of the Purpose Dive we carry out immersions to help marketers re-discover their humanity and that of the people they serve. Upfront we build the empathy of the team to get the most out of the conversations. See from the reaction of Unilever marketers how it totally changed their perspectives.

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believers’ pyramid

We use the Believers’ Pyramid to craft brands that people love. It captures the essence of a brand by 4 elements: the aspired identity of the people we serve and the tension that they face, the human truth. Next is the point of view of the brand on this tension. And last but not least the product truth that manifests the point of view. When connected, these elements power a brand by providing it with a product to buy, an idea to buy into and a human root to anchor their relevance. More about this proprietary tool that we created and perfected over these years in the podcast.

This book shares experiences and stories of purpose and marketing. Offering practical inspiration for businesses and purpose engineers. Enjoy the read!

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brands for humanity

People today expect brands to make a difference in the world. Brands for Humanity live up to their purpose in all they do internally and externally. This web-app toolkit enables you to enrich and tell your brand narrative by leveraging the wisdom of your community. Activate your purpose by crafting a story with cultural relevance and sourcing directly from your team, the stakeholders as well as the people you want to serve.

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activists dare to care

Have you always shed away from activism because you think it will weaken your brand? People today expect brands to make a difference in the world. Brands that see, be and feel the better world they want to be part of and contribute too. Brands that turn purpose into action. This book will inspire you to think and act like an activist to build your brand, and transform it into a movement brand.

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beyond the powergirl

We advocate for gender equality and share culturally relevant insights vital for a female-led future. To inspire you we wrote a book and we developed a game to identify your female identity. Learn how you can connect your business with female trailblazers, and thrive in a future where women run the world.

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future fit

We at Innate Motion believe that every decision we make today should be the right decision for tomorrow. 

This is easier said than done. People take decisions while being part of a dynamic and ever changing environment. 

The Future Fit Journey has been developed to simplify this complexity. Resulting in a timeless story rooted in the now, while staging for a better world future. Fit for the future.

minds of tomorrow

Do you fear the great unknown? Minds of Tomorrow is a tool that will help you deal with issues of an uncertain future. Our tool was inspired by the works of Professor Helmut Gaus, who studies long-term development of collective trust and doubt, and how they manifest in societal expressions, from suicide to the length of skirts.

By our understanding of history and psychology, we help you to determine and decode cultural mindset shifts that shape the next business wave.

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tribal game

The Tribal Game is a fun tool that we use to understand the diversity of communities, groups or teams with human sense. It enables people to discover their contribution role and how they like to relate to others in 3 quick questions.

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+ future of femininity


what our clients say
"I just love the business humanizing Brand Purpose model that Innate Motion have designed. It literally transforms the way our brand teams start to see their consumers (a.k.a the people we serve) and takes them on a human journey of unlocking the value our brands can add to people’s lives. Kanchana and Yasmin bring an untouchable chemistry to the workshops and take the team through emotional highs and lows in co-creating consumer-led ‘believers pyramids’ and manifesto’s that will form the bedrock of brand innovation and creative communication for years to come."
Tracey Rowles, Tiger Brands
"Working with Innate Motion was transformative for the team at Fairtrade Belgium. We started the process as a traditional positioning exercise and it ended up profoundly changing us as an organization."
Nicholas Lambert, Director of Faitrade Belgium
"If you want to do extraordinary things in life, you need to surround yourself with extraordinary people. The Innate Motion team is just that! Any project with them has provided our business with 10 years future-proof thinking. Innate Motion fulfills us with insights, energy and challenges our thinking - they are my (professional) oxygen. "
Anouk Lagae, Chief Marketing Officer Duvel Moortgat
"Innate Motion has a passion for social entrepreneurship that I have never experienced with any other ‘consulting’ firm. They spent time connecting with me as a person and understanding my deeper vision for my company while gently advising on strategy that should be explored and connections that should be made."
Claire Reid,Chief Impact Officer Reel Gardening
"Innate Motion are experts with the best understanding of how brands contribute to people’s lives and how they fulfill one or a few of their needs; therefore, the outcome of their strategic input is always very relevant to the potential target. They remind me that the client needs to keep the conversation human, and that we are talking about people, not numbers."
Eugenio Mendez,VP Global Marketing - Water, Enhanced Water and Sports Drinks at The Coca-Cola Company
"Innate Motion brought us techniques that can be transferred to all of our employees and beyond; from the way we brand our different business units and products. The process made us feel our human relevance in a way that no words can describe."
Fried Vancrean, CEO Materialise & Board Chairman Africa Drive
"Working in a business environment where standardization of tools and approaches in consumer insights & innovation always pave the way to 'already seen' results, partnering with Innate Motion still promises surprises and unconventional results that are easily turned into action for our business."
Cinzia Marchetti, Market & People Insight Director Barilla
"They are my colleagues, my cohorts, my secret weapon, and my friends. We are lucky to have had the chance to affect so much change together, and we will keep climbing, uphill, always."
Marc Mathieu, CMO Samsung & Former Unilever SVP Marketing
"Innate Motion helped me to reposition MTV Networks in Holland from a "House of Brands" to a "Branded House". Now we have a clear mission and truly inspiring beliefs that everyone can recognize and embrace. They are rooted in deep human insights and translate well across every discipline in our company. Staff, clients and our fans have felt - and will continue to feel - the difference they ignited. I will continue to work with Innate Motion wherever I go."
Joris Aperghis, CEO WE Fashion & Former SVP MTV Networks
"The world’s greatest brands know it’s time to step up - time to come together to co-create a sustainable future for everyone. But it’s people who will lead the movement. Their actions, their aspirations and the way they share these with others ultimately determines who gets to play along. The team at Innate genuinely have the answers. I know of no-one else who understands how to build bridges and create shared value as they do."
Nick Davies, Founder & CEO
"Do you wonder how your consumer business can be revitalised? Then Innate Motion is the agency you should contact. Not only do they provide you the fresh ingredients and consumer insights to build a new understanding of today's contemporary consumer behaviour. They also inspire, assist and co-create concepts which translate these insights into concrete business opportunities."
Peter Vertregt, Marketing & Sales Director Wegener Media, Former Marketing & Sales Director SBS & Marketing Director Heineken