Marketing to low income consumers

March 24, 2015 | Kanchana Moodliar

Key insights on growing your brand at the Bottom of the Pyramid
Doing business with low income consumers presents enormous challenges. Many companies underestimate the innovation and insight required to operate successfully in this market. In order to succeed it’s not only crucial to understand the unique needs, challenges, and aspirations of these consumers, but companies must also customize their existing business models, products, distribution, and processes.
Here is an opportunity for YOU to get the latest research, innovative insights, and practical information needed to develop and grow your brand at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP).


Marketing to low income consumersHow to be a hero at the Bottom of the Pyramid – insights and inspiration from the groundbreaking collaborative market research study, “Big Mama’s African Odyssey”

Wendy Cochrane, Founder, Big Mama’s Famous Truth Shop

Big Mama recently launched a collaborative market research series to help brands wanting to grow more sustainably and ethically in Africa. Using a blend of innovative research methodologies, Big Mama’s ‘truths’ help us to understand the changing values in society and explain the clashes in our parliament, streets, and shop shelves. She also spots ‘hero’ brands that we can learn from in today’s changing marketplace.

In this session, Wendy will present extracts from the first report, ‘Episode 1: South Africa’ to stimulate thinking for brands looking for growth at the Base of the Pyramid.

  • Brief introduction to the African Odyssey mission & research methodology
  • Insights and storytelling – different themes identified in the study, brought to life with video clips and examples
  •  Heroes at the Base of the Pyramid – brands, people, and projects that we can draw inspiration from

CONFERENCE  (15-16 April 2015)

If you could ‘win by giving’ or ‘win by taking’, what would you do?

Kanchana Moodliar, Business Humaniser & Director, Innate Motion Do Africa

We believe that those who will thrive are the ones who dare to care for others. The same is true for brands: those who really care for the people they serve will be the ones creating value: for themselves, for the people they serve, and for society as a whole. In this inspiring session, Kanchana will challenge your thinking and share innovative tools and strategies on how brands can build meaningful connections with low income consumers by creating value and by putting them in a position of contribution rather than just in a position of need.

She will take you through the following:

  • How brands can win by giving – strategies and tools to execute in your business
  • Humanize for growth – insights on how to create more human relevance
  • How does ‘generosity pay’?
  • Inspiring case studies and examples of success
  • Challenging thoughts and some practical tools to take back to your company

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Kanchana is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, philosopher, yoga teacher, writer, brand strategist, and change maker who believes that a "small group of conscious individuals can indeed change the world." Access to relevant skills will help people transform their lives and experience abundance in ways they never imagined possible. She realized the corporate world was not for her and left the likes of Unilever and The Foschini Group to venture out on her own in 2006. Her philanthropic project, Saris for Good Karma, led to her making the 2012 Mail & Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans List in the Civil Society category and empowered over 100 poverty stricken women. At the end of 2014 Kanchana joined Innate Motion. It is now her mission, together with the Innate X team to enable more than 1 million impact entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into stories that can fly. She is a bridge builder who nurtures strong and real relationships. Kanchana loves to find the things that unite people rather than divides them. She lives in South Africa.

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