This Month’s Human Sense With Innate Motion

October 30, 2017 | Yasmin Kathoria

This month, we apply our human sense lens to issues of engaged post-disaster rebuilding in Puerto Rico, Fenty Beauty’s humanized disruption of the global beauty industry, and Beyoncé’s culturally connected contribution to the International Day of the Girl.



Tesla successfully reinforced its humanized brand purpose by engaging with the people they serve and sending hundreds of Powerwall systems to disaster hit Puerto Rico. Via Fortune.



Rihanna positioned her brand for maximum cultural relevance as her Fenty Beauty launch created value people to people by understanding the complex human needs of the people she serves. Via W Magazine.



We have embraced activist thinking to create Activists Dare to Care, a compendium of theory and materials compiled into a book designed to help unleash your brand’s inner activist for purposeful success. Discover the ADTC ebook.



Beyoncé honored International Day of the Girl with a new video, defining the social purpose of her brand as she works to unlock a shared cultural awareness of the challenges facing women worldwide. Via TIME.


Posted By Yasmin Kathoria

An eternal optimist and business activist who uses human intuition to grow business and brands, Yasmin has 15 years brand development experience and holds a degree in psychology, performing arts and an Honours degree in gender equality. She has helped to craft, build and transform some of the strongest brands in the world while working at Unilever, most recently working on how to build brands with purpose, create theories of change to solve the issues of sustainable living. Yasmin lives in Durban with her son Mikhail enjoying the sun and sea!

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