Moving from story-telling to story-doing

May 12, 2017 | Yasmin Kathoria

Capitalism has generated massive wealth for some, but it’s devastated the planet and has failed to improve human well-being at scale (Forbes, Feb 2017).

When will we build a new human-centred business eco-system? When will we build an approach that balances economic growth, sustainability and human well-being?

A new generation of companies and brands are showing the way forward.

While most brands and companies are struggling to move from ambition to action, with limited engagement in existing activities, we see the rise of movement brands. These are brands with social purpose, tapping into the desire of today’s generation for meaning and contribution

Story-telling and talking about issues is not enough, businesses need to be supporting real action for change and positioning against truly human causes, fundamental to people’s lives. Today, movement brands are forging new paths for business growth.

Movements brands advocate a cultural idea and help to solve societal problems. They do not just serve the individual, but a social and cultural group thereby calling for collaborative action and participation.

Societal issues interest people, have social currency and carry intrinsic “drama”. They create opportunities for talkability, shareability and engagement.

Most importantly, movement brands call for measurable social impact, not green-washing. They are rooted in the belief that together business and society can create a better world for us and the future generations. They inspire everyone to take action in a meaningful way.

Dare to get involved.


Posted By Yasmin Kathoria

An eternal optimist and business activist who uses human intuition to grow business and brands, Yasmin has 15 years brand development experience and holds a degree in psychology, performing arts and an Honours degree in gender equality. She has helped to craft, build and transform some of the strongest brands in the world while working at Unilever, most recently working on how to build brands with purpose, create theories of change to solve the issues of sustainable living. Yasmin lives in Durban with her son Mikhail enjoying the sun and sea!

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