Collective action and shared ownership for driving gender parity is what makes International Women’s Day impactful. At Innate Motion we support the movement for equal participation and believe a society with inclusive prosperity and regenerative future is best created by a diversity of talent, qualities and values. That’s why we have a diverse talented team across the globe, always ready to challenge ourselves and push our efforts to the next level. We challenge others to also step up and lead for positive impact. Today we announce a new executive team to realize the company’s ambition to fuel the regenerative business movement, for people, as people.

Joyshree Reinelt- CEO
I #ChooseToChallenge people who lack treating others with grace.

Female hero,  approachable intellect, courageous entrepreneur, thought-leading psychologist, keynote speaker, lover of Oliver, mum of Jay and forest jogger with husky Yuki. Whilst she always stood out by ethnicity and labels she was given, she seamlessly fit through her personality and through a deep sense of relating. Her highly developed empathy skills allow her to be conscious of biases and relate to people for who they truly are. She is passionate about bringing the power of empathy to the world because she sees that only when we behave as people for people, can we overcome adversities and co-create an abundance of possibilities and better solutions. Everyday she does her best to fuel the regenerative business movement by being radically collaborative to build a sustainable human future.

Femke van Loon- CGO
I #ChooseToChallenge stereotypes that prevent female leadership in business

Activist, freedom fighter, changemaker, author, friend, mum and food lover. As business humanizer and driver of BCorp, Femke coaches people and teams to uncover shared purpose and unlock positive impact using the power of empathy, brands and engagement, with the ambition to co-create an inclusive, regenerative future for all. In 2016 Femke wrote the book ‘Beyond the Powergirl’, inspiring a future with a better balance between female and male values in which every girl and every woman is free to live and share her unique talent with the world.

Moniek Tersmette – COO
I #ChooseToChallenge men taking endless time to make a point or even none at all.

Female Outlaw, relentless changemaker, progressive caregiver, thought-leading psychologist, coach, friend, mum and fearless cold-water swimmer.
Moniek has an exceptional eye for spotting talent and growing them into leaders with empathy. She is a huge advocate of driving change through everyday behaviour. The unique organisational profile of the Innate Motion company, with its officeless structure, diverse team, bottom up accountability and borderless care would not be possible without the relentless passion and stubborn optimism she puts in her role as Chief Operations.