We are looking for a colleague to join the Life Support team! This is a demanding role that does exactly what its title suggests; facilitating that all projects at Innate Motion stay well and alive! You will need to be able to solve problems with time constraints and make processes work efficiently. Being in Life Support means you will never live a dull moment.  

It also means that you will be part of a multicultural and multinational team. Innate Motion has no borders, we are located in over 20 countries with people from 18 different nationalities. We have no offices, we are a virtual company and everyone works from their home. We have no bosses, everyone is invited to bring themselves to work and contribute equally. And we are a B Corp. We believe that all businesses should be a force for good and we make sure this reflects on our work and in our people.


Skills & Qualifications
Fluent in English
Good organization skills and eye for detail
Good communication skills
Comfortable with working virtually via audio and video calls
Comfortable with working independently, pro-actively and can naturally
Flexible schedules: The realities of project-based work across time zones means you have to have a flexible schedule.
Familiar with all Google Applications
Have adequate and comfortable space for a home office with a good internet connection.

A closer look at what we actually do:

Internal meetings
We are a virtual company, so although we do meet in person whenever possible, all of our work is done online. We will meet in video calls, practically every day and use various online tools to stay up to date at any moment.

Project coordination
Life Support is the virtual interface between the Innate Motion team, clients, and involved 3rd parties. We are responsible to plan and organize projects, meeting all its demands. There will be a lot of information to sift through and distillate, so clear and proactive thinking is required. At times, you will work on 5 projects simultaneously, that will be in different stages, across multiple time zones, with different people. Ability to multitask is essential.

Workshop organization
We sometimes organize workshops for 10 to 50 clients. They may in your city of across the globe. We are responsible for organizing it in its entirety. Finding a cool spot for the workshop to take place, get a hold of the materials required and be ready to sort any issues that may arise! It is our job to make all workshops run smoothly and be a great experience.

Travel plans
We are a virtual company with clients from all over the world, so the partners and decoders travel a lot for meetings,  workshops and immersions. So, we are responsible for organizing all travel plans, from transport to visa applications, to accommodation. Always keeping budget and comfort in mind.

Budget Management
Life Support is responsible for making budget estimates and keeping track of the project budget when it comes to third-party costs. We make sure our suppliers invoice us correctly and on time so we can in turn invoice our clients correctly and on time.

If you think that this role fits you, please check our website and instagram to know more about our journey. And send your resume and cover letter to lifesupport@in8motion.com.