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We have prepared a special program. Please find all episodes below.

We have prepared a special program. Please find all episodes below.


Emerging Mindsets of a Post Lockdown World
5th June | 10am-10:45am and 4pm-4:45pm cet
Benoit Beaufils, Muriel Soupart & Marina Palma

It’s become pretty clear that the world is not heading for a re-start after lockdown, but a serious re-think. What will it mean for the environment, consumption habits, business as we know it?
This session will look at the 4-step approach to strategizing in the times of Covid: 1. Design scenarios | 2.Build options | 3.Measure & Act | 4.Repeat

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Shaping a Brighter Future with Stronger Feminine Values
12th June | 10am-10:45am and 4pm-4:45pm cet

Rachel Goh, Aurelia Petrov & Cilla Henriette

Studies have shown that businesses that embrace traits traditionally viewed as feminine like empathy enable people to thrive. And leaders like Jacinda Arden have demonstrated that now more than ever, feminine values are instrumental in creating lasting change for people and planet.
The world needs to be brave to live stronger feminine values.
This session will showcase how brave brands can ignite the way forward and be the catalyzers of positive impact by harnessing stronger feminine identities through their leadership and storytelling.

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19th June | 10am-10:45am and 4pm-4:45pm cet
building relationships in a virtual world
Moniek Tersmette, Yasmin Kathoria & Megan Pratt

How to connect on a human level with people when they exist in two dimensions on your screen? How do you build team spirit when you don’t have opportunities for face-to-face contact? These are only some of the questions we can ask ourselves. As psychologists, interested in human feelings and emotions rather than neurons and synapses, in this session, we will explored the ways that are innate to us in connecting with each other.

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17th July |10am-10:45am and 4pm-4:45pm cet
marrying marketing and sustainability with human and business sense
Christophe Fauconnier, Femke Van Loon and Mike Middleton

So often a company’s marketing and sustainability agendas are divorced from each other, with sustainability initiatives simply being a sideline activity. It consequently comes as no surprise that sustainability initiatives aren’t as successful as one would like them to be, and they struggle to mobilize employees and stakeholders to get behind them and make them a great success. This webinar discusses the guiding principles to make sustainability more wanted and introduces the concept of a “mobilizing change idea” that provides a future narrative capable of mobilizing employees and other stakeholders behind your sustainability initiatives.