An exciting next step on our humanizing business journey
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An exciting next step on our humanizing business journey! 

“This week we announced a new partnership, centered in North America with the Next Practices Group, a plus 250 group of people based all across North America making purpose and humanizing business core to their offering. 

NPG is a group of founder-led companies that can support Innate Motion to take “purpose” to the next level. With their diversity of solutions and expert teams who love to create new models, disrupt old ones, and never be satisfied with the status quo, they are perfect fellow travellers and partners on the next phase of our journey. Innate Motion has been a pioneer of humanizing business to unlock more meaningful growth since 2006. Through stronger partnerships and radical collaboration, we want to scale up our efforts to help more companies and leaders grow their businesses with purpose while also helping communities and the planet thrive. Alone none of us can do that, together maybe we can. 

I fully agree with Bob Pearson, the Founder, and Chair of NPG that what is missing, worldwide, is an agency offering that can create and scale new ideas, help companies identify precisely where they best fit to make a difference and incorporate these solutions into normal day to day business. Innate Motion wants to be part of that. We understand that our purpose of unlocking more meaningful growth by humanizing business relies as much on data science and AI as it does on understanding human behaviour, building Utopia brands, widening our circles of empathy and change leadership. To achieve this we knew we needed deeper access to the leaders, communities, and companies in North America and with NPG we are happy to choose the best partner to do so. 

So, this is a very exciting new chapter! We are privileged and grateful to have two empathy fierce and welcome change leaders to take our company and our purpose to the next level. Joyshree Reinelt will lead and grow the Innate Motion NPG partnership for us in North America and Femke van Loon will lead and grow our existing business. We thank them for their great leadership.”

Christophe Fauconnier, Chairperson of Innate Motion Group