It’s time to LiveKindly
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In this podcast we speak to guest Emily Klooster, Marketing Director at the Livekindly Collective, a global collective of founders, entrepreneurs and business leaders from across the globe, who are uniquely positioned to create impact by making plant-based living the new norm. 

Innate Motion works as a strategic partner to Livekindly Collective across a number of their brands in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. Femke van Loon, CGO of Innate Motion shares our role of bringing in the power of empathy to support Livekindly’s mission in making plant-based living easy and desirable for all. 


Here are 3 key takeouts from this podcast: 

Balance and diversity is needed in our global food system: 

The global food system is shifting at a rapid pace. Most food producers are concerned with giving people what they want instead of what is good. As this happens more we lose sight of the impact our food has on us and the world. Just as we strive for balance and diversity in our lives and our companies we must approach our food with the same discipline to create meaningful change. 


Removing the polarization and restrictiveness is more inclusive: 

We often ask ourselves what makes this switch to cleaner and more balanced eating so hard? Even the terminology of being labelled “vegan” can be discouraging. In a world that can be polarizing we understand that your food choices shouldn’t be. We prefer to use the word plant-based to be more inclusive and reflect that this is a journey not a rigid and extreme choice with no way out. The real key to reducing meat is that we bring everyone along on the journey.


The power of empathy can be used to create impact as scale:

We know that the desire to be plant-based and the reality of actually doing it are two different things. Because every person enters their meat-free journey for a different reason it is important as brands to exercise our empathy. Many people want to make the switch for themselves but have a hard time convincing family and children to do the same. We must understand their context, personally and culturally. Livekindly works to create foods that people want and like to eat, without the harm. Together is the only way to move forward in an impactful way. 

To learn more about the journey between Livekindly Collective and Innate Motion and to hear Emily and Femke’s thoughts on serving people better, building a shared idea and mobilizing for change listen to the podcast episode linked here: 


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