Business in the Age of Empathy
Podcast Series
July 11, 2024
Bringing Youth into the Boardroom with The Body Shop

The Body Shop has been engaging in authentic corporate activism for almost 50 years, how does it make sure it’s driving real change? A year ago they appointed a Youth Collective Board to help future-proof their business.
In this episode, we explore key lessons about how corporate activism unfolds in The Body Shop – one of the world’s leading B Corps and how integrating youth perspectives at the top level has impacted their business.

You will hear from:

Alice Mazzola, Global Head of Activism at The Body Shop
Aqeelah Hassim, Business Humanizer at Innate Motion and Youth Collective Board Member at The Body Shop

You will learn:

Why to transform your brand into an activist brand
The right way to build a youth board
How to do corporate activism

3 Key Takeaways

For corporate activism to be authentic and effective, it must align with the company’s core values and mission
Businesses should actively involve young people in their operations as they are the customers and leaders of the future. Involving them in decision-making processes helps future-proof the business.
To create a youth collective, corporations need to fulfill 3 criteria: (a) be specific about its purpose, (b) brief participants well on the business challenges, and (c) create a safe space.

What we discussed:

(01:42) What does a Head of Activism do?
(02:35) The Body Shop’s activism starts in 1976
(03:52) The Body Shop changes laws?!
(05:34) How brands can do impactful activism
(06:11) Be Seen, Be Heard Campaign
(08:58) Beauty Revolution in South Africa
(10:52) Youth Collective @ The Body Shop
(13:29) 3 steps to start a youth collective at your corporation
(17:37) How Body Shop is lowering the voting age with empathy
(19:37) Get involved in Be Seen Be Heard