Business in the Age of Empathy
Podcast Series
January 19, 2023
The journey to purposeful marketing

What is purpose marketing and what is the role of purpose in marketing? How do you make sure you’re being honest in your marketing? And how do you build up the courage to pursue purpose in your organization? Hear all about it from two marketeers who were at the forefront of the world’s largest children’s food brand.

You will learn:

  • How to build bravery to pursue purposeful marketing
  • ROI of being a purpose-first organization
  • How to plan your organization’s internal transformation towards purpose

You will hear from:

  1. Mariana Rodriguez, Brand and Digital Director for EMEA at Whirlpool
  2. Patricia Oliva, General Manager of Specialized Nutrition at Danone
  3. Shad Raouf, Show Host.


3 Key Takeaways

It is normal to have skepticism about whether purpose-focused marketing will bring value to a business. Purposeful transformation requires courageous action. However, the more purpose is ingrained in all aspects of the brand strategy – the more buy-in you will likely have from stakeholders.

You need to be brave to do purposeful work. It requires bravery to go against the grain of thought and offer an unconsidered perspective to a perhaps unwilling crowd.

To avoid purpose-washing and put out authentic marketing campaigns, organizations must pledge to do something that goes beyond affecting the business’s bottom line.