Business in the Age of Empathy
Podcast Series
March 31, 2023
Turning Empathy into Entrepeneurship

Amanda Maringka was an intern at Innate Motion, today she runs a successful social enterprise in Indonesia. After an existential crisis she had during her internship, Amanda decided she needed to turn her life around and find her purpose. This episode is about how she navigated that crisis and came out of it with a social entrepreneurship idea no one else thought of out of an event everyone dreaded.


What we discussed:
(00:00) From intern to social entrepreneur
(00:57) How she ended up interning at Innate Motion
(02:31) Why Innate Motion hosts pilgrimages
(03:10) Getting an existential crisis at work OR Existential crisis at work
(05:11) What’s an adult school?
(06:46) Unexpectedly building her business after THIS event OR Turning student art into a business
(12:04) How their sales make an impact OR How each sale makes life better
(13:11) Finding her true purpose
(15:19) This 1 quality can make you happy
(16:00) The Indonesian Lotus Flower
(16:54) Your company might not survive
(17:53) How immersive empathy made her successful
(19:01) Future of Terartai

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