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January 13, 2014 | Benoit Beaufils

Below is a link to a blog post innate motion issued on the 2degrees network community, offering three behaviors to humanize your business. 2degrees is a business community focused on driving efficiency and growth through being more sustainable, with nearly 35,000 members.

As believers and change makers, we founded a company with the sole purpose of humanizing business. We see our job as bringing the idea of care back to the core of business. We work best with organizations brave enough to build businesses that stand for something bigger than themselves.

Care, we argue, is a business tool, not a feeling. Care is about enabling their people to engage the business world as people: build more empathy with the people they serve, frame their business with a human scope, make conscious choices and have an impact on lives.

Care changes the way organizations function, by nurturing 3 vital behaviors: Stop outsourcing your feelings, position for life and get serious about play.

Read our full article on 2Degrees or download PDF.


Posted By Benoit Beaufils

Change and intuitive human understanding have been at the core of Benoit’s life. Twelve years of marketing experience at both Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola have prepared him well. Managing the marketing work of Coca-Cola in Belgium and Thailand in periods of deep crises gave him a unique insight into how brands can be shaped to best overcome cultural anxieties. Working as a consultant and researcher across Asia and Europe has given him further opportunities to facilitate change and engagement processes within companies and between companies and consumers. Benoit finds sources of inspiration living in a 100-inhabitant dust road serviced village on an Asian island and raising four children.

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