Anouk Lagae

Chief Marketing Officer Duvel Moortgat

"If you want to do extraordinary things in life, you need to surround you with extraordinary people. The Innate Motion team is just that! Any project with them has provided our business with 10 years future-proof thinking. Innate Motion fulfills us with insights, energy and challenge our thinking - they are my (professional) oxygen. Trying to create legacies together."

Chris Van Assche

CEO African Drive & Baobab Express

"We have been blessed to come across a team like Innate Motion. Their drive to think forward in a challenging new world, in a completely different culture, gave us un unbelievable head start. The people first method and strategy gave a new dimension to our own mindset and business culture. Thank you for guiding us through co-creation, resulting in a social breakthrough in Africa. Thank you for enabling our vision and for being our friends, instead of just partners"

Cinzia Marchetti

Market & People Insight Director Barilla

"Working in a business environment where standardization of tools and approaches in consumer insights & innovation always pave the way to 'already seen' results, partnering with InnateMotion still promises surprises and unconventional results that are easily turned into action for our business. We have involved them in the most challenging and tough business tasks; managing brands, innovation and category development. They have always taken us to unknown fields of potential ideas, insights and territories. Over the years I haven't found anyone else able to deliver as they do, or with the same passion, focus and incomparable attitude in training people to a different view of the world of consumption"

Claire Reid

Chief Impact Officer Reel Gardening

"Innate Motion have a passion for social entrepreneurship that I have never experienced with any other ‘consulting’ firm.  They spent time connecting with me as a person and understanding my deeper vision for my company while gently advising on strategy that should be explored and connections that should be made. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with the team so far and I look forward to continuing down this path of sustainable social impact with them by my side."

Conrad Shezi

Regional Director Brand Building Unilever Central Africa

"Innate Motion is genuinely interested in making a difference and in helping me succeed. Together, we have repositioned 4 local jewels and their methodology helped us unlock human truths in a way that is genuinely Afrocentric and relevant to our markets. They are not an agency…they are a family that I’m proud to be a part of"

Derk Hendriksen

VP Business Integration & GM EKOCENTER at The Coca-Cola Company

“Innate Motion has over the years helped many teams within The Coca-Cola Company to strengthen their brands and portfolios through deep insights in people and cultures, which have allowed The Coca-Cola Company to create meaningful connections between our brands and people worldwide.”

Eugenio Mendez

VP Global Marketing - Water, Enhanced Water and Sports Drinks at The Coca-Cola Company

"Innate Motion are experts with the best understanding of how brands contribute to people’s lives and how they fulfill one or a few of their needs; therefore, the outcome of their strategic input is always very relevant to the potential target. They remind the client to keep the conversation human, and to remember that we are talking about people and not numbers."

Fried Vancraen

CEO Materialise & Board Chairman Africa Drive

"Innate Motion brought us techniques to transfer to all our employees and beyond; from the way we brand our different business units and products. The process made us feel our human relevance in a way that no words can describe"

Irina Rodina

Transformation Director Breakthrough Innovation Unilever

"Genuine passion for people, more human business, meaningful marketing, for brands with active social roles. Innate Motion is a collective of visionary thinkers who helped me to transform, not just once, the way of thinking about my brands. In more than 10 years of our relationship, I can’t think of another partner who affected me as deeply, brought as many fresh ideas for my brands often without briefs, or who would be as enjoyable to work with. It has been a pleasure to share the journey so far, as partners and friends. Cheers to the next 10 years!"

Joris Aperghis

CEO WE Fashion & Former SVP MTV Networks

"Innate Motion helped me to reposition MTV Networks in Holland from a "House of Brands" to a "Branded House". Now we have a clear mission and truly inspiring beliefs that everyone can recognize and embrace. They are rooted in deep human insights and translate well across every discipline in our company. Staff, clients and our fans have felt - and will continue to feel - the difference they ignited. I will continue to work with Innate Motion wherever I go"

Lydia Agbobidi

Director Batan

"I have had the pleasure to work with Innate Motion and have found them to be one of the most important factors in helping set up our business venture. Working with them has helped me focus on the right priorities, organising myself and thinking outside the box, putting myself in our customer’s shoes and seeing our product through their eyes. Innate Motion has been a key partner in finding our voice and in developing our marketing strategy."

Marc Mathieu

CMO Samsung & Former Unilever SVP Marketing

"They are my colleagues, my cohorts, my secret weapon, and my friends. We are lucky to have had the chance to affect so much change together, and we will keep climbing, uphill, always"

Nick Davies

Founder & CEO Neighbourly.com

"The world’s greatest brands know it’s time to step up - time to come together to co-create a sustainable future for everyone.  But it’s people who will lead the movement.  Their actions, their aspirations and the way they share these with others ultimately determines who gets to play along. The team at Innate genuinely have the answers.  I know of no-one else who understands how to build bridges and create shared value as they do."

Nicolas Lambert

Director of Fairtrade Belgium

Working with Innate Motion was transformative for the team at Fairtrade Belgium. We started the process as a traditional positioning exercise and it ended up profoundly changing us as an organization. Being clear about our purpose and the ‘activist’ we are is now driving everything we do.  Obviously our external communication but also the way we recruit people, engage with our customers or even the positions we take in political debates.  As an anecdote, we have drastically reduced the time we spend internally on meetings aimed at making decisions.  This is not solely related to the work we did with Innate Motion but I am sure that having a very clear purpose and knowing who you want to be greatly helped reduce the time spent on decision making, just because everything is so much clearer.  So, even for an organization that has humanism at the core of its purpose, working with Arnaud and Christophe, our favorite business humanizers, made great sense.  They helped us to discover that ‘human chains are stronger then supply chains’ (our new internal ‘mantra’) and are now forever part of our own little human chain!

Peter Vertregt

Marketing & Sales Director Wegener Media, Former Marketing & Sales Director SBS & Marketing Director Heineken

"Do you wonder how your consumer business can be revitalised? Then Innate Motion is the agency you should contact. Not only do they provide you the fresh ingredients and consumer insights to build a new understanding of today's contemporary consumer behaviour. They also inspire, assist and co-create concepts which translate these insights into concrete business opportunities. For Wegener, but in the past also for Heineken they did a remarkable challenging job in co-building teamwork, bringing confidence and pride in the marketing teams and co-delivering on the objectives to grow brands and business."

Sandrine Conseilller

Marketing & Branding EVP Lacoste & Former Global Brand VP Unilever

"Imagining Sunsilk as an activist took us to a different place. It helped us see how we could make a difference to the girls we serve. It was super helpful to develop the sustainability plans for the brand, and integrate them into our branding strategy"

Shekar Khosla

Chief Commercial Officer Kellogg’s & Former VP Skin Care Business, South East & North East Asia, Australasia

"Innate Motion is our people compass – pointing us to serve communities through the lens of our product and brands. Not just discovering but relentlessly practicing a meaningful relationship between business sense and human sense. Having worked with them across brands, categories, companies and time I find their model robust and more importantly their team intellectually, emotionally and spiritually stimulating. Great partners to find the purpose of your brand but also to align the personal purpose of brand crafters behind the same. If you want Magic, you would want Innate Motion"

Thue Quist Thomasen

Founder Decision Lab

"Innate Motion helped us tremendously in our brand building process up to our launch in 2016. Epinion in Asia was branding itself as a new independent market research agency and we reached out to Innate Motion to support us in creating a clear brand story that would resonate with progressive research buyers. Our new brand story and name - Decision Lab - has given us a renewed focus and a clear human story that simplifies a complicated message."

Yeo Ziobeieton

Managing Director of Unilever Francophone West Africa

"As managing director at Unilever Francophone West Africa, I faced a declining business. The leadership challenge was transforming the team. Making our mission and vision relevant and real within the specific cultural context. Innate Motion helped us to give human sense to our business strategy. First they made us aware of what type of Change-makers we are and made us empathize with each other. Secondly we co-created the change journey with the middle management, using the power of play and the logic of scrum. It helped us to turn around the business within a year with a highly motivated and committed workforce."

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