Serving people at the Bottom of the Pyramid.

September 21, 2015 | Kanchana Moodliar

How can we as marketers and business better serve people at the Bottom of the Pyramid?

If you really think about your life, it is just a random set of circumstances that got you to be a person with resources or without. Yes, we can all argue that we worked hard for what we have, but had you been born “randomly” in a rural village with minimal access to good education or clean drinking water or electricity, your ability to get to where you currently are would be heavily hampered.

Kanchana Moodliar, Business Humanizer at Innate Motion, encouraged businesses to adopt an activist stance at the Marketing to Low Income Consumers conference in Cape Town earlier this year. Moodliar provided insight into how human-centred brands can help low income consumers lead better lives, while also helping brands increase their growth more meaningfully.

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Posted By Kanchana Moodliar

Kanchana is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, philosopher, yoga teacher, writer, brand strategist, and change maker who believes that a "small group of conscious individuals can indeed change the world." Access to relevant skills will help people transform their lives and experience abundance in ways they never imagined possible. She realized the corporate world was not for her and left the likes of Unilever and The Foschini Group to venture out on her own in 2006. Her philanthropic project, Saris for Good Karma, led to her making the 2012 Mail & Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans List in the Civil Society category and empowered over 100 poverty stricken women. At the end of 2014 Kanchana joined Innate Motion. It is now her mission, together with the Innate X team to enable more than 1 million impact entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into stories that can fly. She is a bridge builder who nurtures strong and real relationships. Kanchana loves to find the things that unite people rather than divides them. She lives in South Africa.

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