We only flourish when leaving no one behind
We met people in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, and by unlocking the power of empathy, we saw that there is more that unites than divides us.
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We explored opportunities to serve Gen M. Do they need specific products, formulas, or recipes? How to deal with halal claims? 

Call for Change

The publication of the book Generation M: Young Muslims changing the world, written by Shelina Janmohamed, made large corporations aware of the spending power of Gen M. We were approached to explore the opportunities to serve Gen M. Was there a need for new products, new formulas, and new recipes? How to deal with the halal claims? 

While receiving the brief, we realized that part of the team was uncomfortable with mixing business and religion. We reframed the brief into a better understanding of each other. We paid attention to understanding Muslims as human beings first, understanding them beyond the religious label. This made us look for shared stories and commonalities instead of focusing on differences. 


Fierce Empathy

Today’s world is increasingly secularized, yet more and more young people choose to live according to Islamic principles. This impacts the foods and drinks they take in, the fashion they wear, and the beauty rituals they follow. There are numerous moments each day where they make a conscious choice without others noticing. We see a burst of new products to accommodate this, from desserts without gelatine to nail polish that is water permeable. 

We met people in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe to talk about their everyday life and how to live up to their faith. Beautiful, proud people shared their stories with us. The team got inspired by the diversity of stories and even so many interpretations of the best behavior. We unlocked the power of empathetic exploration that made them realize there is more that unites than that divides us. Muslim. Christian. Buddhist. Jewish. Hindu. Human.


Regenerative Impact

Society will only flourish when we bring everyone along. Stepping into the shoes of each other builds our empathy fitness. We made several businesses realize that there are more people to serve than the bubble they belong to. Is this a regenerative impact? Or just a positive impact? This is debatable, but we are happy with the effect nevertheless. Nurturing more respect for each other, innovating products that are fit for more lifestyles, and crafting brands with openness to the rich diversity in the world is the key to building more sustainable, human futures.