Make Your Brand a Movement Brand at Sustainable Brands Rio 2016

June 08, 2016 | Kyle Fraser

Sustainable Brands has a goal to inspire, engage and equip today’s business and brand leaders to prosper for the near and long term by leading the way to a sustainably abundant future. They operate on a global scale and bring together the largest community of professionals dedicated to transforming problems into opportunities for corporate brands.

Sustainable Brands Rio has established itself as a major meeting of business leaders in Brazil. Held for the fourth consecutive year in Rio de Janeiro, it forms part of the global conference network. This year’s theme is Activating Purpose and is central to companies that have realised that future success depends increasingly on the strength of the bonds they build with their stakeholders. Having a brand with a clear purpose is a powerful starting point. The conference is designed so that attendees can expand ideas and exchange experiences.

Robert will be speaking at Sustainable Brands Rio and will also be leading a workshop. He will be joining Ernesto Van Peborgh, Flavia Moraes and Pablo Benavides for the session, and they will be talking about engaging with purpose. Robert will share the learnings from his time at Unilever and his consulting at Innate Motion. Many brands nowadays realize that they have a role to play in society, by either creating more positive impact or by reducing their environmental impact. Defining your purpose has become the starting point for many company strategies but why are some brands so successful and are able to create massive societal impact, whereas others do not progress in bringing their purpose to life? The session runs till 1:00 PM and they will address these questions while using national and international cases to illustrate how brands can become movements of change.

After the speech, Robert and Fernanda Trevisan will host a workshop called ‘How to Create a Movement Brand.’ The workshop starts at 3:30 PM and runs till 5:00 PM on 22 June. Around 45 participants will work on a tangible and insightful case on how to bring movement into practice, and they will leave the workshop with various tangible ideas that can be used in their day-to-day business.

Sustainable Brands Rio takes place from 21 – 22 June 2016 at Armazém da Utopia so if you want to turn your brand into a movement brand, register here.


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