Alice Hannam




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Alice had an unusual start to her career. Her first office job was in the UK Parliament in an office right under Big Ben. After four years working as a Parliamentary Researcher, she undertook a Modern Languages degree in Spanish and Japanese at the University of London, in her spare time. Upon completion of her degree, and following the 2015 election, Alice left politics and travelled Japan to improve her language skills. Travelling entirely by local trains, the logistical challenges involved revealed an interest in planning itineraries for others and took her to her next role working for luxury travel boutique, Ampersand.

Alice left London in 2016 to work remotely and travel more of Asia. There, she set up as a freelance Events and Travel Coordinator and upon returning to the UK, continued to work remotely for international brands including Bacardi and Grey Goose, booking their corporate travel. This led her to her role with Innate Motion. Alice now lives in Lymington on the South Coast of England with her boyfriend, Will, who is a sailor and journalist. They spend weekends out on the water and walking in the New Forest, exploring all that the beautiful coastline has to offer.

The Motivational Unifier fortifies relationships. They let the tribe see what they have in common and they want to guard relationships by building and nurturing commitment.

Celebrate the things that unite us, rather than the things that divide us
Build deeper and lasting relationships
Not being able to count on others, not being counted on
Build and nurture a network of connection
Becoming blindly loyal, getting too tied up, avoiding of confrontation at all cost

Social Exclusion
Lack of openness and collaboration”
Weakening of our social bonds