Benoit Beaufils
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An architect of dreams – I like to build my own, and help people and teams make theirs happen.  I’ve had a few lives – marketer for P&G, Benckiser, and Coca-Cola, running a few small businesses, and consultant for 20 years, learning to position global and local brands and helping teams work with purpose. I lived in France, Belgium, Thailand, and the UK worked in almost 30 countries across 4 continents, and raise a (very) multi-cultural family. 

I am introvert-extrovert – I love to reflect on my own, but I am at my best when working with diverse teams, learning, discovering, and combining forces to build amazing solutions.  I am as much at home in London, in rural Thailand, or on a farm in the South of France: living outside the city keeps me rooted into the life of real people, well beyond the boardroom.