Kanchana Moodliar
1 min read

Open-hearted, boundary-breaking, society-defying, yogi and champagne lover. One part yin and 2 parts yang. Over the last 21 years in marketing, entrepreneurship, and consulting I have learned that empathy is key to unlocking real meaningful change and growth. I have worked on brands and business in most industries from FMCG, retail and beauty to pharma, the chicken industry and technology. I have also created my own brands.

My belief is that we should use what we do to become who want to be. And I want to be someone who contributes to making the world a better place. Living in the most unequal country in the world, South Africa, I believe that if business could become more inclusive, purposeful and regenerative the planet and its people would thrive. If you, like me believe the same, then let’s chat. Together we can make an impact.