Lonneke van Ravenswaaij


English, German, Italian, Spanish



+353 87 379 2981

Passionate about food and with a people centred approach, Lonneke has over 10 years marketing experience at the leading FMCG companies in the Netherlands. Started her career at the nr. 1 retailer Albert Heijn has given her a pragmatic approach in growing brands; to always ensure the power point ideas come alive in to initiatives that create impact. Working at world leading dairy companies Danone & Royal Friesland Campina she has experienced crafting, building and transforming strong brands in all stages of the life cycle.

At Innate Motion Lonneke loves to help in crafting the brand positioning to ensure it’s 100% right. It’s her personal mission to translate consumer insights into a brand vision & calendar that directly drives business impact. Creating human insights, crafting purpose and brand positioning, innovation/portfolio strategy and establishing a consistent identity are her specialities. In an energetic way and committed to create results beyond expectations together.

Lonneke has moved to Ireland end of 2018 to experience a new adventure as a family (with Niels and their two sons Lars & Stijn) and to develop their working experience as professionals by having a new perspective living abroad. Based in Dublin, she loves to cook and organise dinners at home for friends & family and explore the beautiful nature of Ireland.

The Explorative Prankster invites the tribe to explore new worlds or new opportunities. They are more oriented towards what could be, rather than what is. They don't get stuck trying to fix the world, they focus on reinventing it. They want to set themselves and others free, believing in a world of abundance.

Let’s go on a adventure to discover more
Adventure and being fueled by possibilities
Getting trapped, missing out, boredom
Be curious, be inspiring, be liberating
Aimless wandering, not finishing anything, getting over excited

Being inauthentic
Lack possibilities to
grow and discover
Taking ourselves too seriously