Meggan Wood




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With nearly 15  years experience in brand strategy and insights, Meggan is renowned for simplifying the complex, due to her background in design thinking and copywriting. She helps brands better address the true needs of the people they serve, bringing teams on journeys of transformation through powerful storytelling and strategy.

Her entire career — at both Innate Motion and prior — has been spent building positionings and strategies that are anchored in human identity. Her passion is helping teams move away from generic language and evolve to a space that is fresh for the brand, while resonating with the people it serves and hopes to serve.  

In her 10 years at Innate Motion, Meggan has enjoyed immersing in other cultures and ways of life, as a key step in laying the foundation for any strategic work she embarks on with a team. The beauty of finding the red thread that connects so many different ways of being is something that brings her endless energy. 

She believes in a brand’s ability to address universal themes within all people and aims to harness that desire to cultivate identity in order to help brands shape work that is relevant and useful to modern society and the people within it.   

The Path-building Idealist likes to show the way. They give their tribe direction and can often bring structure or simplicity to complex issues by coming up with novel or creative ideas. They are skill-masters who want to enable their tribe with the right ideas, right tools or right expertise.

Let’s give birth to something special
Solve complexity with skill and mastery
Being mediocre, not using your talents. being ill-prepared
Originality, precision, getting the details right
Perfectionism, obsession and domination

Lack of originality
Action without vision
Small thinking