Subodh Deshpande
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I am a Creator, poet, writer, theatre aficionado, and nature lover who likes to walk amongst the green trails of Singapore. My love for creativity led me to a career in advertising in Mumbai, India. I enjoy how culture shapes our lives, and I moved into a role focused on culture-based brand planning. During my advertising career, I worked in Mumbai and Singapore on iconic brands from The Coca-Cola Company, Johnson & Johnson, and Unilever. Currently based in Singapore, and now exploring how human empathy can make companies and brands relevant and powerful.

I am troubled about the state of our planet and am deeply interested in projects that are based on regenerative thinking to add back to the planet. I am a firm believer in the B Corp movement, and I participate in leadership discussions on the role of regenerative businesses. My recent projects with leading brands have focussed on transformative humanizing journeys, brand positioning, and communication development. On weekends  I love photographing birds and natural landscapes and writing articles for The Punch magazine India.