Thaïs Gyurcsó
1 min read

A pedagogue, linguist, and potential Bake-Off standout (if they’d only notice!). My journey from a multicultural upbringing has been a fascinating exploration of languages and diverse cultures. This passion has been my guiding force leading me to travel and obtain my degrees in languages, linguistics, and translation. Now based in vibrant London, we are raising our son in a home where three languages and cultures happily coexist.

Fitting the Caregiver archetype, I draw energy from supporting others and find my greatest fulfillment in facilitating personal growth and ‘aha’ moments. At Innate Motion, I channel my flair for words and analytical mindset into research and strategy. My keen empathy and natural penchant for humor allow me to connect with people on a deeper level. Joining the team in 2019, I was captivated by the shared purpose of fostering meaningful growth, a belief I’ve carried into every project I’ve led since.