Achieving more meaningful growth

Our Single Organizing Idea (SOI®) is a practical management tool 
that makes it possible for many more businesses to realise future 
growth by becoming a force for good.

Single Organizing Idea (SOI®)

“No business can prosper in the future without a clear purpose and here at last is a practical management tool to turn a great theory into gritty reality.” 

Mike Barry, Director of Sustainable Business (Plan A) at Marks and Spencer.

At the core of the world’s most admired businesses lies a powerful Single Organizing Idea. These organizations deliver sustainable economic and social benefit; they unite people, attract investment, inspire innovation, pioneer new efficiencies, and enjoy positive reputation. Such businesses are admired but they remain a rare breed.

Though the tides of change are engaging the minds of business leaders, most are still trapped behind their brands and an approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) that is out of step with a connected society that increasingly questions ‘who’ these businesses really are and what drives their purpose.

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Innate Motion Partner Neil Gaught wrote his book CORE in 2017. It’s about how businesses can define and align with a Single Organizing Idea (SOI®) and, more importantly, why they need to. Drawing on stories and case studies, and with reference to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, its no-nonsense approach sets aside the ideals to confront the realities of business reform. Highly practical, it demonstrates the potential of SOI® and its power as a management tool to bring success to any business wishing to position itself for the future by proactively responding to today’s challenges.

CORE was a finalist at the 2018 Business Book Awards

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