Put your business ahead

Come and be inspired by our Business Humanizers in this 
world-class workshop designed to give you the tools you 
need to spark real change in your business.


At the Core of today’s most admired businesses lies a powerful Single Organising Idea (SOI®). These businesses deliver both sustainable economic and social benefit; they unite people, attract long-term investment, inspire innovation, pioneer new efficiencies, and enjoy positive reputation. They are a new breed of business.

This is a unique opportunity to participate in a world-class workshop that will take your thinking beyond CSR and trendy ‘purpose’ intentions to inspire and equip you with a proven, practical management tool that will put your business ahead by making it a genuine force 
for good.

Working with the author of breakthrough book Core and ‘business humanizers’ from leading edge global consultancy Innate Motion you will experience the power and potential of a Single Organising Idea (SOI®) to break down barriers and spark real change in your business that matters and sticks.

Inspiration – participation – action

The SOI®SparkLabs were born out of a global reaction from leading businesses, academic institutions, INGOs, and sustainability experts who validated the positive impact of SOI®, concluded evidence alone for change doesn’t work and called for practical guidance for implementation that does.

Who should attend?
C suite leaders, VPs of Sustainability, CSR, Brand and Communications managers – basically anyone serious about catalyzing change to future proof their enterprises and enable them to achieve sustainable success while delivering societal value.

What will you gain?

The confidence, knowledge and capability to carry the message
and stimulate change in your organization equipped with insights, practical tools and a support network of peers, mentors and leading experts.

What will you experience?

A highly interactive, laboratory of exercises, challenges, discussions,
analysis and synthesis of needs to take back into your enterprise to catalyse lasting change.

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