Joyshree Reinelt

Female hero,  approachable intellect, courageous entrepreneur, thought-leading psychologist, keynote speaker, lover of Oliver, mum of Jay and forest jogger with husky Yuki. I love to relate to people for who they truly. I believe that when we are aware of our conscious biases and learn to overcome stereotypes and labels, we can relate more genuinely and without judgment to every human being. This to me is the prerequisite to bridge divides, unite humanity and fight social injustice.

I co-founded Innate Motion with the ambition to humanize  business. I love to be at the service of businesses and brands that want to build a sustainable human future. In order to have an impact at scale, we need to change the way we live, consume, and relate to each other and nature. Every day, I do my best to fuel the regenerative business movement by being radically collaborative and fiercely empathetic.

Femke van Loon

Activist, freedom fighter, changemaker, author, friend, mum, food lover, and generous host. As a business humanizer and driver of BCorp, I coach people and teams to uncover shared purpose and  unlock positive impact using the power of empathy, brands, and engagement, with the ambition to co-create an inclusive, regenerative future for all. 

One of my proudest achievements is having written a book in 2016; ‘Beyond the Powergirl’, inspiring a future with a better balance between female and male values in which every girl and every woman is free to live and share her unique talent with the world.

Christophe Fauconnier

I’m a welcome change practitioner and a natural born silo shifter.  I am passionate about sports like rugby or tennis, and about my family. I love to use business as a tool for creativity and community building. Hence I operate best as an entrepreneur, impact investor and senior adviser helping others build brands and use business as a force for good.

To better share my expertise in humanizing business, I’ve co-authored several books like Creating value people to peopleActivists Dare to Care, and  Beyond the power girl. I am a cofounder of Innate motion, African Drive, The Regenerative Alliance and  and Innate Active. Core to my leadership across all these businesses is the belief that business becomes infinitely more valuable for everyone when we create value together as people for people. 

Yaw Sarkodie

Active dream chaser, lifelong nomad, self-certified experience junkie, amateur yogi, and an innovative rebel. I have always found it easy to fit naturally in different settings and connect with people seamlessly. This ability enables me to view and appreciate the world from different windows. It fuels the spirit of curiosity and restlessness in me which exposes me to different disciplines, cultures, and countries. Getting to connect deeply with people all around the world brings me so much joy. 

I am passionate about improving systems that stifle empowerment and the pursuit of better livelihoods for people in society. You can refer to me as an activist of the sustainable or regenerative movement. My work centers on working with businesses to be beacons of change in the industry and with individuals to elevate their thinking and empower them to drive the change the world so desperately needs to secure our collective future. 

Robert Schermers

I joined Innate Motion in 2013 to fully focus on what I love most: Solving business- and brand issues, creating positive societal impact, whilst developing winning teams courageous enough to go beyond the obvious. This is why I always look back on a project with a sense of joy and satisfaction when I see how our methodologies and change-journeys spark positive transformation, rarely leaving a client-team untouched. 

Before Innate Motion, I worked for over 18 years in Unilever in Europe, Africa, and Latam in multiple leadership roles and – categories. I am a Dutch national yet I currently live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and feel privileged to have the world as my backyard, working truly global as we do as Innate Motion.

Aurelia Petrov

A restless explorer, a passionate believer in the good power of humankind, a creativity seeker in all forms, and a sea lover. I look for diversity and dynamism to keep me going, so I have always actively chosen to expose myself to new and different environments. I have nurtured the richness of my experiences by working with governmental institutions, NGOs, and private companies. Learning how to speak 7 languages has been priceless to navigate across cultural, people, and country borders. 

At Innate Motion, I help brands and organizations bring out their best by being closer to the people and their needs. With over 10 years of experience in facilitation, I smoothly lead diverse stakeholders and teams through empathy-driven journeys that result in a shared vision of purpose and contribution. Every day I try to grow the movement of those who contribute to fighting the global struggle for a regenerative world.

Marina Palma

Passionate status-quo challenger, thought-leader, creative strategist, relentless optimist and unconditionally loving wife, mother, sister, friend and pet owner. 25+ years of living and working worldwide with leading global companies led me to embrace the power of “&” to connect Humanity & Business, Art & Science, Global & Local, and bring brands to life, achieving outstanding results through ambitious strategic vision and powerful solutions. 

I’ve joined Innate Motion to help humanize businesses and organizations, as a key force to co-create a regenerative future for all.