Yaw Sarkodie

As a Civil Engineer who fell in love with marketing, Yaw approaches challenges with a healthy combination of creativity and logic to provide unique perspectives to problem solving. Having built a career advertising consumer goods for companies such as Unilever and Upfield, he has experience launching brands, developing innovations and building business and market entry strategies across East, West and Southern Africa, occupying different roles. 

Born in Ghana, Yaw experienced first-hand how growth of people and businesses are stifled due to a lack of the right skill set, sustainable support systems and purpose-driven strategies. He is extremely passionate about improving this across the globe; more specifically in Africa. At Innate Motion, Yaw enjoys the daily challenge of building purposeful brands and businesses which are used to ultimately improve livelihoods. 

He loves dogs, reading, traveling and experiencing new things. In his leisure, you will find him either watching a good tv show or spending time with friends and family.

Christophe Fauconnier

Christophe is a natural convention buster. He can never stop challenging narrow-mindedness. Born in Belgium, he grew up in South Africa where already at a young age he started challenging de-humanizing systems like Apartheid, power abusers and social injustice. 

A psychologist with a drive for impact, Christophe uses business as a tool for creativity and community building. He is a serial entrepreneur, impact investor and senior adviser to some of the best companies in the world. He has a wonderful ability to shift silos and connect dots in ways that very few business leaders can. 

To better share his passion for humanizing business, Christophe has co-authored several books like Creating value people to peopleActivists Dare to Care, and  Beyond the power girl. He serves as a board member for African Drive, The Beauty Revolution  and is on the advisory board of B-Corp Europe, ImpactNow and Onehome.org. 

Core to his leadership across all these businesses is the belief that business becomes infinitely more valuable for everyone when humanized.

Robert Schermers

Robert has a bachelor´s degree in business administration and a master´s in law. He started his career in the Netherlands and built his expertise over 18 years at Unilever. He worked in challenging marketing and business positions in various European countries as well as in South Africa and in Brazil. Robert knows from experience the massive positive impact on both business results and society of really putting people first in brands and teams, and is a true ambassador for humanizing business in the widest sense of the term. He loves exploring new cultures, leaving the beaten track. He has spent months traveling India and Malaysia; he has climbed Aconcagua (the highest mountain in the Americas at about 7,000 meters); he has spent weeks with indigenous families in the jungle of Colombia; and he loves to take the more adventurous routes when skiing, hiking, or diving. As a student, he already felt strongly attracted by the positive spirit, culture, beauty, and opportunities of Latin America, and his stay in Brazil made him decide to make this beautiful country his home.

Aurelia Petrov

Aurelia believes every person is a source of inspiration, she is interested in discovering their uniqueness and in creating bridges between people and places. Born in Moldova, she has engaged in social projects since an early age, serving the youth sector for more than eight years. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and working for the Central Bank of Moldova, she moved to Belgium for a Master’s in Economics and Business at the leading university College of Europe. Attracted by the international spirit of Brussels, she stayed working at the European Commission as a consultant for the Research and Innovation grants program. Aurelia speaks seven languages; she is fond of creativity in all forms and counts painting and playing piano as some of her passions.

What she cares most about is contributing to the global struggle for a better world. Constantly enthusiastic and curious by nature, Aurelia is inspired by the appreciation of human values, and by the opportunity to help brands bring out their best and be closer to the people and their needs.

Marina Palma

Marina is a strategist and marketer with 25 years of experience in connecting Art & Science, Humanity & Business to build, re-build and bring brands with purpose to life for leading FMCG companies like The Coca-Cola Company and Danone.

Her curiosity and passion for culture diversity drove her to leave her native Argentina to learn, work and enjoy life with her husband and daughters in North America, Europe and Asia. On this journey, she took inspiration from both what makes cultures different but also what makes people across cultures deeply similar, at a human level, to inspire multicultural teams to achieve outstanding results through ambitious strategic vision, creative integrated solutions and disciplined execution.