Benoit Beaufils

A Creator of dreams – I like to build my own and help people and teams make theirs happen. I’ve had a few lives – marketer for P&G, Benckiser, and Coca-Cola, running a few small businesses, and consultant for 20 years, learning to position global and local brands and helping teams work with purpose. I lived in France, Belgium, Thailand, and the UK worked in almost 30 countries across four continents and raised a (very) multicultural family. 

I am introvert-extrovert – I love to reflect on my own, but I am at my best when working with diverse teams, learning, discovering, and combining forces to build amazing solutions. I am as much at home in London, rural Thailand, or on a farm in the South of France: living outside the city keeps me rooted in the life of real people, well beyond the boardroom.

Meggan Wood

I’m a reductivist who loves to geek out on words, a passionate debater, and a cookbook collector. I am endlessly energized by finding that beautiful and elusive red thread that connects so many ways of doing and being across cultures. I thrive on the challenge of distillation, on simplifying the complex, and chasing perfection: the instantly obvious yet completely surprising.

I have spent 15+ years helping clients free themselves from the wallpaper, the jargon and cut through business as usual to shape something of value for the world — always through the eyes of people. I like to voice my strong opinions on Forbes Agency Council and Fast Company Executive Board.

Subodh Deshpande

I am a Creator, poet, writer, theatre aficionado, and nature lover who likes to walk amongst the green trails of Singapore. My love for creativity led me to a career in advertising in Mumbai, India. I enjoy how culture shapes our lives, and I moved into a role focused on culture-based brand planning. During my advertising career, I worked in Mumbai and Singapore on iconic brands from The Coca-Cola Company, Johnson & Johnson, and Unilever. Currently based in Singapore, and now exploring how human empathy can make companies and brands relevant and powerful.

I am troubled about the state of our planet and am deeply interested in projects that are based on regenerative thinking to add back to the planet. I am a firm believer in the B Corp movement, and I participate in leadership discussions on the role of regenerative businesses. My recent projects with leading brands have focussed on transformative humanizing journeys, brand positioning, and communication development. On weekends  I love photographing birds and natural landscapes and writing articles for The Punch magazine India.

Marcella Nigro

Creator, Daring, proactive, sometimes very stubborn, lover of animals and life. By the time that I was 22, I had already lived in 6 different countries; which for me was always very exciting. I had an easy time sucking in all that was new and adapting to my new surroundings and in a way, I believe this was a crash course to understanding and decoding people and cultures as well as practicing the power of empathy.

I have a father who inspired and exposed me to the world of business and a mother who taught me the tricks of life.  I have worked in a couple of different fields, graduating in law, later working with art, and now putting brainpower to help companies define their purpose and be better contributors to the world. My degrees and trajectories have helped me to join the practical, theoretical, and poetic visions of business.