Moniek Tersmette

Crusader, progressive caregiver, psychologist, and fearless cold-water swimmer. I am an advocate of driving change through everyday behavior. Relentlessly I bring people and teams in close contact with the people they serve. Lowering the barriers to go out there with empathy training. I believe in fierce empathy to welcome change and build transformational strategies. 

I’m responsible for the unique profile of Innate Motion with its officeless structure, diverse team, bottom-up accountability, and borderless care. Thanks to the team and my stubborn optimism, this culture and organization exist.

Jasmine Huang

Crusader, beauty lover, fashionista, and the most fabulous mum to her two boys, Leon and Quentin. I love talking to people about the choices they make in life. Why buy this brand and not the other? Why do some have a 3 step skincare regimen, and others are only satisfied with ten steps daily? I understood China, my country of birth, only after talking to people worldwide. 

As a Crusader, I believe humanity is key to creating a better world.
It takes fierce empathy to listen to people without judgment. I believe in the power of projective techniques to stimulate conversations and discover the deeper why behind the answers. Understanding people’s behavior unlocks the triggers to vital behavior that improves the world.

Cilla Henriette

Rulebreaker, imaginator, natural-born leader, writer, a multilingual and passionate dancer who loves fun, food, and travel. I believe in business as a force for good and drive the B Corp community in Indonesia. I passionately work with companies and brands to create a positive impact. I’m known as a person who challenges the comfort zones, walks the road less traveled, and instigates people to think out of the box.

I bring eclectic competencies as an engineer, brand strategist, researcher, parent, lecturer, speaker, and world citizen to the work I do, next to the 20+ years of experience. I share the power of hard work, positive thinking, and gratefulness in my social interactions. Today I live in Bali with Daniel, my partner, and Casey, my daughter. With Renoir & Rambo, our dogs, we enjoy the luxury of watching the sunset, walking on the beach, and being close to nature. I help organizations and people who rescue stray animals. 

Muriel Soupart

Deeply curious world citizen, a tribe gatherer, a pragmatic planner, an avid gardener, and a truly Belgian consensus builder. Having grown as an only child in a 4-generations only-child family, I became very interested at an early age by the complexity of group dynamics and fascinated by the magic of a strong collective. As a relentless traveler who has lived on 3 continents, I have experienced that there are more things that bring us all humans together than what drives us apart.

Being a business humanizer at Innate Motion gives me great opportunities to use my skills and energy to draw people together in order to achieve greater things. I am a strong believer in using businesses as forces for good, but I also know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions: so it is not enough for a business to want to do good, where the biggest help is needed is on making it actually happen.  I strongly believe that developing win-win relationships between businesses and society will make this world a better place for her 3 children to grow up in.

Aqeelah Hassim

I have always loved connecting with people and am fascinated by different cultures and languages. My background is in marketing for leading brands in the beauty, FMCG, and start-up industries. The profound feeling of building brands in a human-centric way is what led me to join Innate Motion. 

My purpose comes to life daily by creating meaningful strategies for brands that positively impact people and communities. Additionally, I am an Advisory Board Member at The Body Shop UK. A true millennial, when I am not at Innate Motion you will find me at a pilates class, trying out the hottest new restaurants, or following the latest trends on social media.