Moniek Tersmette

Female Outlaw, progressive caregiver, psychologist, and fearless cold-water swimmer. I am an advocate of driving change through everyday behavior. Relentlessly I bring people and teams in close contact with the people they serve. Lowering the barriers to go out there with empathy training. I believe in fierce empathy to build transformational strategies. 

I’m responsible for the unique profile of Innate Motion with its officeless structure, diverse team, bottom-up accountability, and borderless care. Thanks to the team and my stubborn optimism, this culture and organization exist.

Freek Zegers

Enduring pragmatist, thrilled by creating tangible results for others. After work, I challenge the elements on long bike rides. After studies in architecture and social demographics, I joined the army as a sabbatical. There I discovered my natural habit of curiosity, the joy of digging into several subjects. This brought me to the Library Academy. After graduation, I worked for 10 years in advertising, being responsible for business intelligence. 

I joined Innate Motion’s Life Support team in mid-2010, on project and company support and I extended my skills in finance, legal and ICT. With my innate modesty, I act as an underground detective, introducing clever solutions facilitating the company’s growth.

Fang Qi Lim

Born to organize, a free spirit, single mom, ex-vegetarian, erstwhile flutist, fitness enthusiast

After graduating from business school and exploring roles in secretarial, personal assistance, office administration, and real estate sales, I found my place in the Life Support team of Innate Motion in 2014, and my calling in coordinating projects across the globe. The demands of my work keep me on my toes. From simplifying information into concise steps to connecting the dots, problem-solving, and making processes work more efficiently, I enjoy the varied challenges of this game of work.

Zhor Boucetta

Protective Caregiver, passionate to make the impossible possible, living the motto: organization is everything, impossible is nothing. Having undergone a formal education to become an office organization and communication professional I started my career at a large German bank, so I could hone my skills in a highly diligent environment. 

Joining Innate Motion was a purposeful life decision for me. Working for a company that uses business as a force for good, beyond profit, feels gratifying. I choose to coordinate complex projects with many moving pieces that involve many different stakeholders. Every day I put my organizational and problem-solving skills at the service of those who want to help create a better future for us and our children.