Freek Zegers

After trying studies in architecture and social demographics, Freek joined the Dutch army for a year as a kind of sabbatical. During that year Freek discovered his natural habit of curiosity, feeling the joy of digging into all kinds of subjects, using desk research as a tool. This finally brought him to the Library Academy in Amsterdam. After finishing his studies, he worked for almost 10 years in the advertising industry, mainly at TBWA, where he was responsible for business intelligence for the planning team. Freek joined Innate Motion mid-2010, strengthening the Life Support team, both on project support and company support. He extended his skills and is now acting as a kind of underground detective, introducing clever solutions to facilitate the company’s growth. Because of his innate modesty, he is especially thrilled by creating tangible results for others. Freek is living with his wife and two kids on the shore of the biggest lake in the Netherlands. In his spare time, Freek is challenging the elements on long bike rides.

Fang Qi Lim

After graduating from business school, Fang Qi started her career as a secretary at the virtual office of Servcorp. She went on to explore roles in personal assistance, office administration and real estate sales, before joining the Life Support team of Innate Motion in 2014.

Born to organise and with a passion for service, she enjoys the game of work, the varied challenges it brings and the fun environment at Innate Motion. She is happy to find her calling in coordinating projects across the globe and have done so in over 30 markets and 6 continents.

Most of all, she delights in having freedom to juggle work and life, finding joy in yoga, music, learning and spending time with her loved ones. Born and raised in Singapore, she’s bilingual in English and Mandarin, working on her Hokkien and Malay, and most proud of her Singlish prowess. She loves living in the tropics and thinks 24C is winter!

Annemarie van den Brekel

Annemarie is a marketer by heart. For her creating things that people enjoy and that really matter in their daily lives is what makes marketing a wonderful discipline to work in.

After studying business administration in the Netherlands and the US, Annemarie joined Unilever in Australia. She spent 19 years of her career in marketing with Unilever, Nike and FrieslandCampina.

Annemarie has a sound curiosity to talk to people and find out about their lives and what drives them. She loves initiating things and bringing positive energy and excitement in a group. Together with the Innate Motion team Annemarie now focusses on bringing back human sense to business in a world that applies too much business sense to humans. At Innate she can work in a wonderful global context and use her experience to bring back purpose to brands and businesses as a genuine driver of meaningful growth.

Martina Peccerillo

I am Martina, I was born and raised in Rome, a city that I love. I revere having long strolls in the center’s alleys and doing some jogging in the city’s wonderful green areas.

I also love traveling and visiting different cities. I am an extremely curious person, able to blend with new realities.

I graduated in Psychology and Social Processes, at University of Rome La Sapienza.  This bachelor course gave me the opportunity to achieve an excellent theoretical and methodological education on several psychological disciplines, starting by the basics and focusing on themes of relationships and groups.