Priscilla Henriette

Cilla was born to an Indonesian family with mixed religious and cultural backgrounds, which instilled in her a great curiosity to find out more about the world. At the age of 15, she decided to study away from home. Believing in the power of hard work and going the extra mile, Cilla advanced quickly in her market research career at Acorn’s Jakarta office. Striving for more solid regional exposure, she moved to Singapore and joined Kadence, a business-to-business research company. In 2007, she joined Innate Motion to run projects across Asia. For her, learning about human beings is the most interesting and challenging never-ending theme.

Jasmine Huang

Jasmine was born and raised in a city – YiChang of China. She is curious about the world’s many cultures, has a warm heart, and is passionate in life. She believes that China should not be a border of her life’s horizon. She moved to Singapore for her university course and started her first career as a market researcher in Singapore. Jasmine enjoys talking to people from different backgrounds, understanding things from a culture perspective, and connecting all the dots. In 2008, Jasmine joined Innate Motion and was inspired by its vision of humanizing business. Now she travels across the world for work and pleasure.

Nicholas Nugrahtama

Nicholas is a millennial born to an Indonesian family with Chinese roots. He enjoys highly dynamic sports such as football and basketball, but also favours to relax and calm down with music and books. His interests allowed him to fall in love with photography, where he discovered his innate curiosity to learn more about people and their cultures. In a quest to explore the world, he decided to live in Germany and the UK to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Master’s degree in Branding & Advertising, due to his huge interest in how brands influence people’s behaviour. As he believes that the core of business is people, he strives to make his mark with Innate Motion to humanize brands around the world.

Aqeelah Hassim

Aqeelah has a love for connecting with people, especially those from different cultures. She has a background in conceptualising and managing bespoke 360° marketing campaigns for leading brands in the fashion, food and beauty industries. The profound feeling of building brands in a human-centric way is what led her to join Innate Motion in 2019.

Aqeelah has a strong passion for creating meaningful work that positively impacts communities. She uses her experience to champion diversity and inclusivity as the Brand Manager of Africa’s Boldest Beauty Festival – Beauty Revolution – which takes place annually in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

A true millennial, when she is not decoding at Innate Motion you can find her at a pilates class or following the latest trends on social media.  

Filippo De Simone

Filippo, born in Milan, Italy, incorporates the sense for fashion and design. He loves paying attention to details and knows the ultimate importance of style. Filippo studied marketing and public relations in a desire to brighten up the world with great brands and stories. His desire to learn about new cultures led him to leave his homeland and live in Asia, Australia, and now in the US with his husband. His real passion: people. At Innate Motion, Filippo strives for perfect service and support everyday, making sure humanizing business is in our core.