Jasmine Huang

Enlightened Hero, beauty lover, fashionista, and the coolest mum to her two boys, Leon and Quentin. I love talking to people about the choices they make in life. Why buying this brand and not the other? Why do some have a 3 step skincare regimen, and others are only satisfied with ten steps each day? Only after talking to people worldwide, I got to understand China, my country of birth. 

It takes fierce empathy to listen to people without judgment. I believe in the power of projective techniques to stimulate conversations and discover the deeper why behind the answers. Understanding people’s behavior unlocks the triggers to vital behavior that changes the world for the better.

Cilla Henriette

Rulebreaker, imaginator, natural-born leader, writer, a multilingual and passionate dancer who loves fun, food, and travel. I believe in business as a force for good and drive the B Corp community in Indonesia. I passionately work with companies and brands to create a positive impact. I’m known as a person who challenges the comfort zones, walks the road less traveled, and instigates people to think out of the box.

I bring eclectic competencies as an engineer, brand strategist, researcher, parent, lecturer, speaker, and world citizen to the work I do, next to the 20+ years of experience. I share the power of hard work, positive thinking, and gratefulness in my social interactions. Today I live in Bali with Daniel, my partner, and Casey, my daughter. With Renoir & Rambo, our dogs, we enjoy the luxury of watching the sunset, walking on the beach, and being close to nature. I help organizations and people who rescue stray animals. 

Nicholas Nugrahtama

Enlightened Crusader, business humaniser, photographer, jazz enthusiast, aspiring football pundit. I was born to an Indonesian family with Chinese roots. Being raised in a culturally mixed family allowed me to fall in love with travelling. Through my travels, I got a chance to adore the differences I spotted – be it the people, landscapes, or cultures. Until today, I seek to relish those wonderful moments with my own eyes, savour it in my heart, and capture them with an eye behind the lens. 

I am a marketer at heart and a strong believer of a brand. I love the idea of how a brand is able to stimulate certain perceptions in the minds of people. I believe in the power of brands to change the way people behave and make Earth a better place to live for everyone. Training my empathy muscles is my way to contribute positively towards a better change, which is done through talking to people and understanding them better every day. 

Aqeelah Hassim

Natural connector, trendy millennial, foodie, and traveler. I have always loved connecting with people and am fascinated by different cultures and languages. My background is in marketing for leading brands in the fashion, food, and beauty industries. The profound feeling of building brands in a human-centric way is what led me to join Innate Motion. 

I feel my passion and purpose come to life daily, uncovering cultural insights to create meaningful strategies for brands in order to positively impact people and communities. A true millennial, when I am not at Innate Motion you will find me at a pilates class, taking long walks on the promenade in Cape Town, trying out hot new restaurants or following the latest trends on social media. 

Filippo De Simone

Enlightened Hero, community builder, fashionista, and world’s best event organizer. I am passionate about people. I believe that people can only bring their best when they feel good and comfortable. At Innate Motion, I focus on bringing everyone along, so we can all shine together. Therefore I constantly train my empathy fitness and that of the people around me.

I love paying attention to details. Never a nuisance, always a pleasure. Thanks to my marketing and public relations studies, I learned the utmost importance of perfect service and presentation in business and life.