Adystra Bimo Herayanto

I am a big believer in sports and the benefit it gives. I see sport creates friendships between people who would not normally communicate. Having the experience of running more than 10 marathons, I learned so much about endurance training and how it can be applied in everyday life: don’t strive for perfection. Instead, challenge yourself to be better and minimize any obstacles that prevent you from getting there.

I read sports marketing and have worked with various global sports brands. Besides humanizing business with Innate Motion, I also act as a running coach, helping recreational athletes achieve their running goals.

Arya Djoehana

Curious mind, open heart, polymath, creative problem solver, adventurer, snowboarder, surfer, musician, biohacker, hedonist, lover, son, brother, friend, student of life.  Since coming of age, I see the world bringing exciting opportunities yet socially and environmentally unfair. This realization triggered a lifelong journey around the world to understand better, discover new ideas, push new boundaries, and enjoy life. I believe in co-creating a world that is more generous and open to all beings.

Hence, my personal calling is to liberate as many people as possible from limiting narratives by sharing experiences and fresh perspectives. I joined Innate Motion in 2008 because I was attracted to the idea of humanizing business. This decision has taken me on an eclectic series of impact-driven projects involving research, brand & business transformation, and innovation for various industries across 5 continents. 

Cathy Wang

A Cyborg, dancer-wanna-be, traveler, maybe sociologist, passionate about psychotherapy & time management, I enjoy being on the road, traveling through, or living in different places. One is to observe cultural differences, and the other is to realize that the so-called cultural differences are a misleading term – a more complex system beyond country, race, or ethnicity. And fast conclusions can shut you out from more profound connections.

Ever since I graduated with my masters in MSc Culture and Society, I’ve been working as a Business Humanizer, keen to apply human insights and methodologies I acquired to the real world, to the commercial world. Being an Enthusiast, I want to create a more tolerant and prosperous world where we embrace, rather than fear, difference, and diversity.