Femke van Loon she/her

Changemaker, freedom fighter, author, friend, mum, food lover, and generous host. As a business humanizer and driver of BCorp, I coach people and teams to uncover shared purpose and unlock positive impact using the power of empathy, brands, and engagement, with the ambition to co-create an inclusive, regenerative future for all. 

I believe in writing. In 2022 we launched, Fierce Empathy, which centers on the tenet that everyone has the potential to lead and contribute to the greater good in their unique way. Leading from the heart is infectious and can awaken people’s desire for change and empower them to act.
In 2016 we wrote Beyond the Powergirl to inspire a future with a better balance between female and male values. 

Aurelia Petrov

A restless explorer, a passionate believer in the good power of humankind, a creativity seeker in all forms, and a sea lover. I look for diversity and dynamism to keep me going, so I have always actively chosen to expose myself to new and different environments. I have nurtured the richness of my experiences by working with governmental institutions, NGOs, and private companies. Learning how to speak 7 languages has been priceless to navigate across cultural, people, and country borders. 

At Innate Motion, I help brands and organizations bring out their best by being closer to the people and their needs. With over 10 years of experience in facilitation, I smoothly lead diverse stakeholders and teams through empathy-driven journeys that result in a shared vision of purpose and contribution. Every day I try to grow the movement of those who contribute to fighting the global struggle for a regenerative world.