Sven Schondelmaier he/him

Creative strategist, innovator, communicator, lecturer, conscious capitalist, youngest brother of three, animal-lover, cyclist, and tai-chi newbie. I believe storytelling is the most robust tool to challenge the current status quo. I love to connect single stories to create a seamless journey that impacts the environment and makes an actual difference – for the people, the planet, and my partners.

After thirteen years in advertising, working around the globe for some of the biggest love brands, I founded two companies to improve the world. We must change how we do business from the inside out. Such transformation is challenging, but I love exploring the hidden opportunities to create a meaningful experience with my partners. Not only to lecture but to invite people to deliver their life’s best work as a team. The Friend is my leadership style: pursue connection despite our world’s growing polarization and divisions.

Mohammad Kathoria he/him

Friend, master of multitasking, gym rat & problem solver I feel that in order for business to succeed, people should be the most valued resource, this is why I choose to put people first during work and daily life.

I am always available to assist no matter the issue, I feel it is my responsibility to make life easier for everyone at Innate Motion. In the wise words of Vanilla Ice, “If you have a problem, Yo, I’ll solve it”

Paige Kotze

Free-spirited, spontaneous, adventure seeker! Always up for a challenge and trying new things! I love astrology, a good glass of Rose` and spending quality time with friends and family! I am a mom of three very active boys who keep me on my toes and I enjoy doing anything that allows me to express my creativity! An empath by nature, I am fascinated by people and the psychology behind each person.

I strongly believe in the law of attraction – what you think about you bring about and my life’s mantra (In the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi), ”Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”  I started working for Innate Motion in 2019, doing the behind-the-scenes work of administrative-related tasks. I help wherever I am needed and thoroughly enjoy the whole philosophy that Innate Motion encompasses!

Bart ten Hagen he/him

Bart has always been interested in human behavior and how it is influenced. He recently finished his studies for a Master in cultural psychology at the University of Amsterdam. After doing his internship at Innate Motion he starts as a Cultural Decoder, using his academic skills and knowledge outside of the academic field.

He likes to connect to people all over the world and experience different cultures first hand, someday he would like to travel the world on a sailboat!