Linh Nghiem

Enduring Pragmatist, systematic thinker, compassionate mediator, aspiring stand-up comedian, loving daughter and sister, occasional idealist, and adventurous cook. I am passionate about the human mind and behaviors as well as the cultural and historical tales that are the product of it. I pursued this during my degree in Political Science and later on developed my skills in quantitative research as a tool to understand behaviors. At Innate Motion, I focus on bringing together the power of explorative cultural decoding and quantitative measurement. 

I love connecting the dots and putting the practicalities and implications into strategic thinking and brand positioning. Because changes start with thinking, but can only be accomplished with an act. 

Kanchana Moodliar

Open-hearted, boundary-breaking, society-defying, yogi and champagne lover. One part yin and 2 parts yang. Over the last 21 years in marketing, entrepreneurship, and consulting I have learned that empathy is key to unlocking real meaningful change and growth. I have worked on brands and business in most industries from FMCG, retail and beauty to pharma, the chicken industry and technology. I have also created my own brands.

My belief is that we should use what we do to become who want to be. And I want to be someone who contributes to making the world a better place. Living in the most unequal country in the world, South Africa, I believe that if business could become more inclusive, purposeful and regenerative the planet and its people would thrive. If you, like me believe the same, then let’s chat. Together we can make an impact.

Gilda Zárate Chabluk

A Motivational Unifier, global citizen, passionate mountaineer (reached the summit of Aconcagua), certified sommelier, ethnic fashion admirer, a friend, daughter, sister, aunt, niece and wife as loyal as my three dogs I was born into a family of mixed backgrounds (Amerindian and European) in my beautiful hometown Mendoza. It instilled a deep curiosity for people and cultures in me. After school, I could not wait to go explore the world and I moved to Europe to study, work and later settle with my Basque husband in Bilbao.

In my daily work, I foster a deeper understanding of people by overcoming cultural biases. I facilitate global multi-cultural teams to relate to each other in more meaningful ways, so we can build brand and product propositions that contribute to people, planet and business growth in a positive way.  It makes me proud to contribute to a shared future of humanity that is socially equitable and inclusive.

August He

Motivational Unifier, lone foodie, authentic Shanghainese, proud teacher since 2009. I pursue a love for languages. My Bachelor’s in English and my Master’s in linguistics made me realize that understanding a culture comes through understanding the language. One can only get to know people when there is a shared language.   

I have a passion for reading and writing. I am bringing this as a teacher to Shanghainese kids in my spare time, opening up their minds for cultures beyond China.

Riccardo Cristiani

Motivational Unifier, PhD psychologist, designer, and thought-leading cultural decoder. I am intrigued by human nature and cultural differences. I am always trying to make sense out of human behavior. Today, even more, because the world needs to make a shift towards a regenerative economy. 

I do believe that social scientists can help people welcome the change that is needed. In finding the trigger to make vital behavior easy and pleasurable. Not just great expertise, more a must, because we need the Change Now.

Ben Bogaerts

Motivational Unifier, dedicated team player, critical challenger, business humanizer, husband, friend, and urban explorer.  I am a qualitative researcher and brand strategist at heart, excited to be able to deep dive for learnings on a global level. I love to translate deep human and cultural understanding into accessible and actionable insights.

I believe that my naturally more introverted and observing character is a strength. I am nonjudgemental and unapologetically open to different points of view, before crafting substantiated strategic advice. I help our team as well as client teams to grow their empathy fitness and ultimately their business success.  

Mohammad Kathoria

Motivational unifier, master of multitasking, gym rat & problem solver I feel that in order for business to succeed, people should be the most valued resource, this is why I choose to put people first during work and daily life.

I am always available to assist no matter the issue, I feel it is my responsibility to make life easier for everyone at Innate Motion. In the wise words of Vanilla Ice, “If you have a problem, Yo, I’ll solve it”

Arum Dyastari

Motivational Unifier, business, and people management background, learner, passionate about food and beautiful things As a true Indonesian girl who lives and breathes cultural diversity, the cultures of the world always fascinates me. It is amazing that our cultures can be so different and yet similar to one another, although we are miles apart. When I joined Innate Motion, this fascination turns into an understanding, which later on helped me built a new mindset in my personal and professional life. I become a believer of “goodness is everywhere”.

Throughout my journey of helping people and businesses to find their purpose and making an impact, I have witnessed how goodness is applied and thrived. This strengthens my belief and excites me to the endless opportunities of nurturing goodness.

Annemarie van den Brekel

Motivational Unifier, marketer by heart, social volunteer worker, lover of the Caribbean and Latin cultures, parent of 3 wonderful kids and a cat together with Frank I always wanted to explore the world in the broadest sense of the meaning. So, I studied business administration in the Netherlands and the US. Afterwards I joined Unilever in Australia and spent 19 years in exciting marketing positions at Unilever, Nike and FrieslandCampina. All throughout I enjoyed to deliver growth plans that made a difference to people and society.

Joining Innate Motion enabled me to co-craft brands with a real and shared purpose. For this, I guide teams to reframe their relationships from ‘strategist to consumer’ to ‘the people they serve’. This approach calls for acquiring empathy as a business skill in a world that is often too transactional. It is my way of building a regenerative economy brand by brand, business by business.