Megan Pratt

Megan was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, a diverse city of transient internationals and northerners seeking sun. Fueled by a desire to understand and document these people and where they come from she studied psychology and journalism. She is addicted to experiencing new places, and especially appreciates how local foods can tell a delicious story of history and culture. Eventually one of her culinary expeditions led her to move her life across the Atlantic to Spain. 
After a long search for a company that would unite her skills and passions with her desire to truly make a positive impact on the planet, Megan finally discovered Innate Motion. She loves working with companies to better understand the people they serve and to unlock their ability to be a force for good in the world.

Pantea Vazvan

Pantea’s focus is on empathic understanding of people combined with a strong visionary drive and a strategic mindset. She is a firm believer in the importance of human insight for growth and co-creation in a shared-value economy. For an in-depth competence in both fields, she decided on a double degree in marketing as well as in cultural anthropology and has devoted her career to solving complex business issues using new perspectives.

When not immersed in a project, she dedicates her time to animal rights, existential philosophy and running or yoga at home in the heart of beautiful Monte-Carlo.

Marcella Nigro

By the time Marcella was 22 she had lived in 6 different countries. Graduating in Law and later specializing in Art History, she acquired from both degrees an analytical and poetic vision of the world. Her professional trajectory has been dedicated to learning and applying marketing and communication strategies, believing that less is more and that tailored strategies always leads to great results. She has been with Innate Motion since 2018 and is passionate about travel, culture and the arts!

Ana Benje

At heart, Ana is a curious explorer of human behaviour. She moved from Slovenia to Slovakia a decade ago, where she finished her Master’s degree in political science and continued her studies as a junior researcher at Comenius University in Bratislava. In her (still pending) doctoral research, Ana experimented with visuals and projective techniques to figure out how exposure to the EU flag makes us think about our homelands. Being part of two European cultures created a new dimension of looking at her home & host countries, but also a new way of perceiving Europe and cultures around the globe. In the course of her career, Ana worked for NGOs, multinational & local companies, agencies, and in academia. She is passionate about value-based internal & external marketing, behavioural economics, consumer psychology, design, and photography.