Ana Benje

At heart, Ana is a curious explorer of human behaviour. She moved from Slovenia to Slovakia a decade ago, where she finished her Master’s degree in political science and continued her studies as a junior researcher at Comenius University in Bratislava. In her (still pending) doctoral research, Ana experimented with visuals and projective techniques to figure out how exposure to the EU flag makes us think about our homelands. Being part of two European cultures created a new dimension of looking at her home & host countries, but also a new way of perceiving Europe and cultures around the globe. In the course of her career, Ana worked for NGOs, multinational & local companies, agencies, and in academia. She is passionate about value-based internal & external marketing, behavioural economics, consumer psychology, design, and photography.

Katie Verest

When Katie started studying philosophy, she wanted to explore a broad field of topics fitted to her even broader interests, but she never expected that her educational path would lead her to the business world. Developing interests in sustainability, the importance of diversity and equality, she decided to pursue a degree in business ethics. She graduated in Philosophy of Management and Organization at the University of Amsterdam. Her search for an organization that focused on sustainable, social and human issues led her to Innate Motion.

She’s an optimist by heart and always tries to focus on what connects people instead of what divides them. She tries to find this universal human connecting through travel, both in person and through literature.

Thaïs Gyurcsó

Having grown up in a multicultural family and schooled in the IB system, Thais was always curious about others: different belief systems, cultures and communication tools were and remain a source of inspiration that guides her every day. At the age of 13, feeling a need for freedom and discovery, she made the decision to fly out of Europe and live with her father in Thailand for two years: the goal was to live in as many different countries as possible before settling down into adulthood. By the age of 21, she had lived in 5 countries, spoke 3 languages fluently as well as some rudimentary Thai and Spanish. In 2015, having met someone special, she settled down in London. In this melting pot of a city, she continues to experience a different country every day through the people she meets and finds inspiration for her creative writing that fills up countless notebooks in her library. Today, armed with unwavering patience and determination, her goal is to make a positive difference for those she has met along the way and for the future generation she still feels a part of – something she looks forward to achieving with Innate Motion.

Zaïd Bendjaber

Born in the beautiful city of Paris and raised in the cultural city of Oran in Algeria, these different horizons made Zaïd a person who is open to differences and attentive to the changes that are taking place around him.

Raised with both cultural and religious principles, Zaïd makes it a point of honor to carry out his work with integrity.

After graduating from high school, majoring in mathematics Zaïd decided to study Business & Management in Paris. He is now adding a new horizon to his record by joining Innate Motion, keen to experience new things and to operate in an organization that has a unique format and will bring about many challenges.