Joyshree Reinelt

Sage, approachable intellect, courageous entrepreneur, thought-leading psychologist, keynote speaker, lover of Oliver, mum of Jay, and forest jogger with husky Yuki. I love to relate to people for who they truly are. When we are aware of our conscious biases and learn to overcome stereotypes and labels, we can connect more genuinely and without judgment to every human being. This is the prerequisite to bridging divides, uniting humanity, and fighting social injustice.

I co-founded Innate Motion with the ambition to humanize  business. I love to serve companies and brands that want to build a sustainable human future. To have an impact at scale, we need to change how we live, consume, and relate to each other and nature. Every day, I do my best to fuel the regenerative business movement by being radically collaborative and fiercely empathetic.

Megan Pratt

Food and wine enthusiast, aspiring interior designer, proud dog mom, pending sci-fi writer. I am addicted to experiencing new places, and I adore how local foods can tell a delicious story of history and culture. Eventually one of my culinary expeditions led me to shift my life from Orlando, Florida, USA to Seville, Spain. 

As a business humanizer, I love working with companies to better understand the people they serve and to unlock their ability to be a force for good. I personally like to contribute by capturing deep human and cultural insights into engaging narratives that mobilize people around a shared vision. Relevant storytelling is important to propel humanity into the desired action for positive impact. I believe that if we make empathy our superpower we can make the world a beautiful place to live for generations to come. 

Mai Huan-Maury

A sociologist, Transactional Analysis therapist, fashion lover, food addict, and proud mum of Paul and Come and our energetic Australian Shepherd Willow. I was born and raised in France by a Vietnamese father and a German mother. Growing up with multiple cultural influences formed my open-mindedness and nurtured my curiosity to understand people for who they are beyond their labels.

I have always been passionate about the beauty and complexity of the human psyche, so I studied Social Sciences and Psychology. There is no day at Innate Motion where I do not put these skills to work. I am intrigued to help companies and brands to build a deeper and more genuine relationship with the people they want to serve. To do so, I use the power of empathy and deep listening skills to unearth what moves human beings and how we can engage them in the most meaningful way. A brighter human future starts one person at a time. 

Fang Qi Lim

Born to organize, a free spirit, single mom, ex-vegetarian, erstwhile flutist, fitness enthusiast

After graduating from business school and exploring roles in secretarial, personal assistance, office administration, and real estate sales, I found my place in the Life Support team of Innate Motion in 2014, and my calling in coordinating projects across the globe. The demands of my work keep me on my toes. From simplifying information into concise steps to connecting the dots, problem-solving, and making processes work more efficiently, I enjoy the varied challenges of this game of work.