Eriko Matsushita

A nature-lover, avid reader, people-opener, occasional athlete, latte enthusiast, and mom of 2. With a degree in sociology, my interests have always revolved around people and culture. My initial career path led me into the wedding industry, the perfect opportunity to better understand the intersection of people’s values concerning family, relationships, and finance.

Transitioning to a cultural strategist was a natural progression to further lean into my strengths of curiosity and empathy. I have worked with some of the world’s leading brands to help them understand the cultural narrative and to offer market-specific insights and strategies. I am a genuine lover of people’s stories and my approachable and compassionate demeanor has consistently paved the way to forge meaningful connections with research participants, enabling me to gather invaluable and authentic insights.

Ara Wiropranoto

Graphic designer, dancer, animal lover, and islander. I grew up in a family environment radiating with creativity. Given full creative freedom from an early age, I dove deep into the world of visual arts and photography. My youth was spent tinkering with cameras, exploring editing programs, and filming everyday life. With an appetite for visuals, I found passion in the telling of stories through images and videos.

I pursued a study in communications to get a better understanding of the decisions behind all the stories, advertising, and PR of brands and products. In the past five years, I have had the pleasure of deepening my curiosity within the brand communications universe through my experiences in project management, social media marketing, graphic design, and startup companies. Now, I am on a path to further expand the scope of my knowledge by exploring how the human perspective and empathy practice play a role in decisions and strategies at a global scale.

Andreea Vanacker

My life project is Million Years of Joy, which inspires leaders to create purpose-driven organizations that optimize flow, well-being, joy, and business growth.
From key-note speeches to workshops, I inspire my audience to take action to elevate their life and leadership journeys to new heights. I founded SPARKX5, a company that elevates human potential through its holistic well-being application and resilience programs., along with the IAMWILD Foundation, is another venture that leverages art and a sustainable business model to protect wild ecosystems around the world. I co-authored my most recent book, The Human Growth Code, with Christophe Fauconnier, founder and chairperson of Innate Motion.

Gilda Zárate Chabluk

A Unifier, global citizen, passionate mountaineer (reached the summit of Aconcagua), certified sommelier, ethnic fashion admirer, a friend, daughter, sister, aunt, niece and wife as loyal as my three dogs I was born into a family of mixed backgrounds (Amerindian and European) in my beautiful hometown Mendoza. It instilled a deep curiosity for people and cultures in me. After school, I could not wait to go explore the world and I moved to Europe to study, work and later settle with my Basque husband in Bilbao.

In my daily work, I foster a deeper understanding of people by overcoming cultural biases. I facilitate global multi-cultural teams to relate to each other in more meaningful ways, so we can build brand and product propositions that contribute to people, planet and business growth in a positive way.  It makes me proud to contribute to a shared future of humanity that is socially equitable and inclusive.

Riccardo Cristiani

Motivational Unifier, PhD psychologist, designer, and thought-leading cultural decoder. I am intrigued by human nature and cultural differences. I am always trying to make sense out of human behavior. Today, even more, because the world needs to make a shift towards a regenerative economy. 

I do believe that social scientists can help people welcome the change that is needed. In finding the trigger to make vital behavior easy and pleasurable. Not just great expertise, more a must, because we need the Change Now.

Martina Peccerillo

I was born and raised in Rome and have been living in the Netherlands since doing my Master’s in Economic and Consumer Psychology there.

I am enthusiastic about applying the knowledge I have acquired during my studies to help companies better understand the people they serve and to use influence tools to impact people’s behavior with the primary goal of doing their sound and the good of society. I am always curious to discover and learn something new, and I can empathize with people from all social and cultural backgrounds.

Paige Kotze

Free-spirited, spontaneous, adventure seeker! Always up for a challenge and trying new things! I love astrology, a good glass of Rose` and spending quality time with friends and family! I am a mom of three very active boys who keep me on my toes and I enjoy doing anything that allows me to express my creativity! An empath by nature, I am fascinated by people and the psychology behind each person.

I strongly believe in the law of attraction – what you think about you bring about and my life’s mantra (In the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi), ”Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”  I started working for Innate Motion in 2019, doing the behind-the-scenes work of administrative-related tasks. I help wherever I am needed and thoroughly enjoy the whole philosophy that Innate Motion encompasses!