Santiago Carmona Porras

Global citizen, motivational unifier, pop music-obsessed, and a big fan of empanadas. It was in my homeland, Colombia, where I learned how to work collaboratively and across differences to address challenges during times of conflict. Raised by a family that encouraged me early on to follow my dreams and always strive to make a difference, I embarked on a journey to better understand my purpose. A journey that has taken me from my hometown, Medellin, to Cairo, New Delhi, Cape Town, and now, Berlin.

My life choices have been driven by my curiosity in seeking out different perspectives and ideas to create innovative solutions in coherence with the needs of our planet. Along this journey, I have worked in various industries and cultural contexts. As a Business Humanizer, I get to channel these life experiences and help businesses unlock their potential to make a positive change. By harnessing the power of storytelling and life-centered design, I strive to craft powerful strategies that inspire action for a regenerative future.

Clarissa Alicia

Energetic, talkative, easy-going, ambivert, fair problem-solver, foodie, a digital native who likes to ride on the trend, passionate about beauty, and not afraid to try new things. I firmly believe in “if there’s a will, there’s always a way.” This word keeps me going whenever I meet roadblocks throughout my life. As a young Unifier, I don’t push for uniformity. I welcome everyone’s uniqueness and recognize the strength of diversity and inclusion. If we join forces and work together in cohesion, we all thrive.

My background in communication sparked my interest in understanding the different perspectives that everyone has. Through Innate Motion, I can explore more and understand the underlying reasons behind it by utilizing our tools and methodologies. I love seeing how this understanding helps businesses connect with their people and find their true purpose, which will help build a better society and world for us.

Gilda Zárate Chabluk

A Unifier, global citizen, passionate mountaineer (reached the summit of Aconcagua), certified sommelier, ethnic fashion admirer, a friend, daughter, sister, aunt, niece and wife as loyal as my three dogs I was born into a family of mixed backgrounds (Amerindian and European) in my beautiful hometown Mendoza. It instilled a deep curiosity for people and cultures in me. After school, I could not wait to go explore the world and I moved to Europe to study, work and later settle with my Basque husband in Bilbao.

In my daily work, I foster a deeper understanding of people by overcoming cultural biases. I facilitate global multi-cultural teams to relate to each other in more meaningful ways, so we can build brand and product propositions that contribute to people, planet and business growth in a positive way.  It makes me proud to contribute to a shared future of humanity that is socially equitable and inclusive.

Riccardo Cristiani

Motivational Unifier, PhD psychologist, designer, and thought-leading cultural decoder. I am intrigued by human nature and cultural differences. I am always trying to make sense out of human behavior. Today, even more, because the world needs to make a shift towards a regenerative economy. 

I do believe that social scientists can help people welcome the change that is needed. In finding the trigger to make vital behavior easy and pleasurable. Not just great expertise, more a must, because we need the Change Now.

Ben Bogaerts

Motivational Unifier, dedicated team player, critical challenger, business humanizer, husband, friend, and urban explorer.  I am a qualitative researcher and brand strategist at heart, excited to be able to deep dive for learnings on a global level. I love to translate deep human and cultural understanding into accessible and actionable insights.

I believe that my naturally more introverted and observing character is a strength. I am nonjudgemental and unapologetically open to different points of view, before crafting substantiated strategic advice. I help our team as well as client teams to grow their empathy fitness and ultimately their business success.