Cathy Wang

Born and raised in a city nearby Shanghai gave her the opportunity to be exposed to both local and international culture. Since high school, at the age of 17, she decided to move to England and did five years of study and culture exchange there. In an international melting hub as London, that five years was truly life changing for her as that was the time made her realize people can be so different and this background diversity is absolutely fascinating to study.

Cathy is a sociologist specialized in cultural comparison and gender studies. Graduated from London School of Economics and Political Science in 2016 with a MSc in Society and Culture, she started working in the market research field in understanding consumer behaviour as a cultural decoder. For her, understanding constantly changing culture and human beings should be a continuous life passion.

Fernanda Trevisan

Fernanda was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil and moved to London in 2016 to further her career as a researcher and decoder. In the UK she worked in projects across the world including Europe, Asia and Africa  – and (of course) she never stopped working on projects closer to home in Latin America.

Her passion is understanding the changing behaviours of early childhood and how this can help people throughout their lives. Her experience with Innate Motion has largely involved leading projects for Unilever activist brands that are closely related to this cause. This includes helping girls from Brazilian favelas to avoid early-life pregnancy, developing a campaign to dispel transgender stereotypes and teenagehood bullying in the UK.

Fernanda is currently studying for an MSc in Behaviour Change at UCL focused on health, to further the impact she has in this important field. By learning and developing the latest behaviour change methodologies, she plans to influence organizations to invest in behaviour change programmes to improve people’s health and well-being.

Gaëlle Polart

Gaelle loves to call herself a people person given by her background in understanding people to build up diverse, collaborative and creative teams.  She uses design to solve real problems in the world with a focus on culture, team dynamics and digital business transformation. She nurtures empathy and creativity through a human-centered approach and put people at the heart of everything that she does.
Passionate about innovation and digital technologies, Gaelle likes to make scenarios about how these technologies are going to impact the world; she has at heart to understand how she can help people to up-skill and re-skill themselves in this changing environment. She believes in continuous learning and empowerment.
Sports are central in her life; she practices boxing, CrossFit and weight lifting.