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March 26, 2014 | Benoit Beaufils

The 2degrees Champions Awards 2014 are the ultimate recognition for those driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of sustainable business – as voted for by peers. We are proud on the nomination of Boabab Express, a case that shakes up public transport in Benin to drive social progress.

In rural Africa, there is a big need for better transport. To tackle that, we started a sustainable business in Benin focused on improving the ecosystem of mobility while striving to become a motor of social progress.

We want to contribute to safer roads but also help rural entrepreneurship flourish by supplying work (direct and indirect), and developing reliable connections between people and markets.

The challenge is to implement good practices. There is a need for a complete re-invention of the mobility eco-system. This was the dire situation we faced: Road infrastructure is terrible (world’s highest road fatalities); corruption on roads with fake toll fees are prominent; import duties on safe reliable ecological vehicles are extremely high (300%); vehicle maintenance and supplying good diesel is difficult; the economy is mostly informal; it is hard to manage a business in an accountable manner; and people are poor; and they cannot afford better services.

The stakeholders involved: Materialise (many departments, including engineering staff); Hubi & Vinciane foundation; Ambassador of Benin; Beninese government and local representatives; University of Leuven (Belgium), professors and students; Ondernemers voor Ondernemers association; The Flanders Drive Organization; individual experts (automotive, finance, legal, management, etc.); private investors.

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