Jenelle Aniruth

I am a passionate traveler, plant lover, and seasoned support specialist. Gaining a deep appreciation for the beauty and interconnectedness of our world, my travels have gifted me with a global perspective and an open mind with which I aim to approach every task.

Consider me your go-to girl as I harness my resourcefulness and acute attention to detail to ensure that every project runs smoothly and seamlessly in our pursuit of creating meaningful connections and driving positive change in the world.

Rachel Taylor

Analytically-minded creative, a scientist by training, a photographer, and a cat whisperer. Driven by a curiosity for the intricacies of the world and the idiosyncrasies of people. I am passionate about working with a team of like-minded and visionary co-workers. I recognize the importance of conscious living and strive to bring positive change.

Internationally spirited through and through, professional highlights include researching mental healthcare structures in Nepal and launching a vegan café in Brussels. Close to Innate Motion’s values, I like to spend my summers at camps off-grid, empowering young people to develop skills and confidence. As an Anchor, I am guided by empathy and clear communication to create and nurture the optimal solution. Just like through a camera lens, I seek out new perspectives to obtain the best result.

August He

Anchor, lone foodie, authentic Shanghainese, proud teacher since 2009. I pursue a love for languages. My Bachelor’s in English and my Master’s in linguistics made me realize that understanding a culture comes through understanding the language. One can only get to know people when there is a shared language.   

I have a passion for reading and writing. I am bringing this as a teacher to Shanghainese kids in my spare time, opening up their minds for cultures beyond China.

Ben Bogaerts

Reliable Anchor, dedicated team player, critical challenger, business humanizer, loving husband, trusted friend, and avid urban explorer. As an enthusiastic qualitative researcher and brand strategist, I thrive on cultivating cross-cultural expertise through diverse global projects. My commitment lies in translating profound human and cultural insights into practical and impactful recommendations.

Embracing my more introverted and observant nature, I appreciate these as my strengths. I approach diverse perspectives with an open mind, crafting thoughtful and grounded strategic advice. My aim is to support both our team and client teams in fostering empathy fitness, contributing to heightened business success.