Rachel Taylor she/her

Analytically-minded creative, a scientist by training, a photographer, and a cat whisperer. Driven by a curiosity for the intricacies of the world and the idiosyncrasies of people. I am passionate about working with a team of like-minded and visionary co-workers. I recognize the importance of conscious living and strive to bring positive change.

Internationally spirited through and through, professional highlights include researching mental healthcare structures in Nepal and launching a vegan café in Brussels. Close to Innate Motion’s values, I like to spend my summers at camps off-grid, empowering young people to develop skills and confidence. As an Anchor, I am guided by empathy and clear communication to create and nurture the optimal solution. Just like through a camera lens, I seek out new perspectives to obtain the best result.

August He he/him

Anchor, lone foodie, authentic Shanghainese, proud teacher since 2009. I pursue a love for languages. My Bachelor’s in English and my Master’s in linguistics made me realize that understanding a culture comes through understanding the language. One can only get to know people when there is a shared language.   

I have a passion for reading and writing. I am bringing this as a teacher to Shanghainese kids in my spare time, opening up their minds for cultures beyond China.

Freek Zegers he/him

Enduring pragmatist, thrilled by creating tangible results for others. After work, I challenge the elements on long bike rides. After studies in architecture and social demographics, I joined the army as a sabbatical. There I discovered my natural habit of curiosity, the joy of digging into several subjects. This brought me to the Library Academy. After graduation, I worked for 10 years in advertising, being responsible for business intelligence. 

I joined Innate Motion’s Life Support team in mid-2010, on project and company support and I extended my skills in finance, legal and ICT. With my innate modesty, I act as an underground detective, introducing clever solutions facilitating the company’s growth.

Zhor Boucetta she/her

Protective Caregiver, passionate to make the impossible possible, living the motto: organization is everything, impossible is nothing. Having undergone a formal education to become an office organization and communication professional I started my career at a large German bank, so I could hone my skills in a highly diligent environment. 

Joining Innate Motion was a purposeful life decision for me. Working for a company that uses business as a force for good, beyond profit, feels gratifying. I choose to coordinate complex projects with many moving pieces that involve many different stakeholders. Every day I put my organizational and problem-solving skills at the service of those who want to help create a better future for us and our children.