Proudly a B Corp

Innate Motion has been a proud accredited member of the B Corp community since 2014: a network of companies using business as a force for good.

B Corp members are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. Innate Motion applies these principles both internally and externally.

We are proud to be an ally of the B Corp Way, a platform that matches services for creating impact with companies who want to use their business as a force for good. Do you need to transform your business model to firmly arrive in the impact economy? Browse through the offerings at:


When we heard of B Corp, we immediately felt that we were one, no doubt about it, this is us! But there was a difference between feeling it and getting the accreditation. The first time we took the assessment, our operating model did not fit. Because we do not have an office building, we couldn’t get points for good behavior there.

We also didn’t have a lot of formal policies, which made us lose points. So, yes, there is a tension between feeling like a B Corp and getting a certificate. Once we carried out the initial evaluation, we realized that processes and practices had to be implemented. The beauty of the scores is that it makes us want to improve ourselves continuously.” Freek Zegers

How can we be a better B Corp? is a question we constantly ask ourselves. Our workshops now have low food waste and a no plastic policy. We constantly look at improving the company’s diversity further; we take our carbon-neutral footprint programs seriously. We have started to use a hotel booking service that gives off a % of fees to B Corp projects. This year, we are looking into creating a wellness program for our collaborators. That is another factor the B Corp community looks into.Moniek Tersmette


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