Strategic Insights

Insights are at the heart of everything we offer. We are psychologists famous for understanding people. Thanks to the team’s diversity, we excel in cultural understanding worldwide. Strategic insights allow companies and brands to understand the human relevance of their business through mapping the needs, perspectives, and aspirations in their ecosystem.
Our research methodologies include
People Immersions, Social Listening, Online Focus Groups, and Interactive Communities.


What is the deeper human meaning of our category? Who are the people we serve? What are their needs and aspirations? What are the white spaces for growth.

Foundational studies uncover human-centric segmentations. Our human framework provides a strategic growth view rooted in people’s motivations and needs. 

Introduction to the Human Framework, by Moniek Tersmette

Societal Issues Mapping

What are the societal issues that matter to the people we serve? In which spaces can our business make a positive impact? What is the broader ecosystem for collaboration.

Societal Issue Mapping uncovers areas for the societal contribution. It also frames people’s movements, behavior changes, and key organizations driving positive impact.


What are the trends and value shifts in society that matter to our business? How can we grow in a regenerative way, creating net-positive value for humanity and our planet?

Utopian Futures Scoping imagines future growth scenarios for businesses, so they can thrive by adding back to their ecosystem and making it prosper.

Purpose Definition

Purpose is our reason for being. Since our founding in 2007, we have conducted Purpose Dives for over 500 brands and companies. We co-create brands and companies’ purpose definitions using the power of empathy.
We have taken everything we’ve learned and integrated regenerative principles to define a purpose that aligns with the SDGs and drives positive change and impact on society.

Purpose Dive

How can we position our brand for net-positive growth? How do we craft a purpose that is true to our brand essence and offer and motivates all of our stakeholders?

The Brand Purpose Dive takes a multidisciplinary team on an experiential journey that can be done in person or 100% digitally using our proprietary tool.

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Purpose Dive

What is our reason for being? How can we define a purpose that positions us to contribute to society and engages our ecosystem internally and externally?

The Company Purpose Dive engages a diverse group of collaborators, including leaders and the new generation, to imagine our collective future and the role we play.

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How can we define a future direction that has a visionary regenerative ambition with a tangible impact across the entire business operation? 

The BeDo Sprint combines Innate Motion’s purpose crafting expertise with our partner Nativa’s capability to measure impact and define a master plan to guide action.


Impact Design

Purpose does not stop at a sexy sentence. From our start in 2007, we focused on turning abstract definitions into measurable change roadmaps. We design for impact by defining the change we want to see in society and the steps to get there. We combine behavior change psychology, Theory U, and design thinking to craft implementation processes that people embrace and act upon.

Impact Ignitor

How do we translate brand purpose into positive impact? What does the evolution of our offer, communication, and activation look like? How do we set priorities?

The Brand Impact Ignitor uses the power of embodied experiences and Activist Archetypes to elevate our creativity, delivering a roadmap and implementation plan across the entire marketing mix.

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Impact Ignitor

How can we drive impact across the operations of our business? How can departments contribute? Where do we focus to accelerate regenerative growth?

The Company Impact Ignitor accelerates the concrete contribution. Each functional team fleshes out the change pillars defined for their function, processes, and governance into actionable steps and KPIs.

Play the Contribution Game

Maker Camp

How to redesign our offer to realize impact inside out? What should our future portfolio look like? How can we make behavioral change easy and desirable for people?

The Innovation Maker Camp taps into the creativity of start-ups and changemakers to innovate from the core. We co-create breakthrough products, offers, and services that transform how we make and do things.

Change Engagement

Change is hard to realize; it challenges egos, is uncomfortable and takes an effort. Defining a purpose is just the beginning. The real work is in engaging people in the change. We apply our Welcome Change Principles to collaborate for a better future, unlocking the transformative power of empathy for themselves, their community, their company, and the world. Because change only happens when everyone is on board.

Since 2007, we grow brands and cultures that serve humanity and heal the planet. We help our clients uncover strategic insight, define purpose, and design for impact and collective engagement using the power of empathy.