People Cultural Research

People and Cultural Research helps brands understand the perspectives of all people in their ecosystem. Because regenerative brands must be in sync with the people they serve in order to create meaningful change.

Home to Home Research

Working remotely has become a reality. At Innate Motion, we have been working from home since our birth, in 2006. We call it Home to Home because all parties involved participate virtually.

Joy and Richard on Immersions

360º Immersion

Brands must understand the people they serve and the environments they are a part of.  This tool entails interacting with individuals through different channels and following the mediums they use to connect with others. Our learnings are comparable to those from classic ethnographic interviews.

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Online Communities

We build special communities based on criteria related to the topic we are researching, and study the interactions between individuals. Because this is conducted online, we have access to people from all across the globe, whom we would otherwise be unable to meet.

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Online Focus Group

There are many benefits to conducting virtual research. Not only does the privacy of people’s homes make them more relaxed, but it also allows them to upload pictures, texts, and other forms of creative expression that bring depth to the discussion.

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Positiong with Purpose

Positioning with Purpose is our proprietary method that identifies the purpose positioning of regenerative brands, and places them on a path toward creating positive impact. Because for too long, humans took too much and gave too little, and now is the time to reverse the damage. Brands must become regenerative to accelerate the pursuit of a better world.

Positioning With Purpose

We help craft brands that people love. Brands that understand the wants, needs, and perspectives of the people they serve. Watch the video to see how we used this tool in our work with Unilever.

Human Framework

We believe tension is positive: it makes humans feel alive and gets in motion. The Human Framework helps us understand people, and how they deal with limitations and possibilities, both individually and collectively. This tool should be used with empathy, and without putting people in a box. By understanding individuals on a deep level, we can start relevant conversations.

In Moniek’s words

Digital Purpose Dive

A guided workshop that helps brands identify a relevant, meaningful purpose positioning. The process uses people immersions and co-creative exercises that allow them to move forward toward change, and includes step-by-step support to ensure seamless transformations. This can be done in person or by using our proprietary Digital Purpose Dive tool, which allow us to run workshops 100% digitally.

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Believers’ Pyramid

Our hero tool to help a brand find their purpose. The pyramid captures the essence of a brand through four elements: the people we serve; human truth; brand point of view, and product truth. When connected, these elements strengthen a brand’s positioning. Listen to the podcast to learn more.

In Moniek’s words

Activation and Innovation

Activation and Innovation is our practice that turns purpose into action. With a multidisciplinary team, we co-create ideas for innovation and activations that reflect a brand’s purpose. Because the purpose of a regenerative future can only be brought to life when everyone is engaged, both internally and externally.

Brands for Humanity

This toolkit enables brands to enrich their narrative by embracing the wisdom of their communities. They bring their purpose to life by crafting a narrative that sources from the stories of their team, stakeholders, and the people they serve. This tool helps us to understand the people within organizations and their perspective of the company; what is the role they each play, what is the expertise of the company, and what values does the company live by? 

Activists Dare to Care

People support brands that uphold the values they stand for, and that are dedicated to the pursuit of a better world. This tool encourages brands to think and act like activists in order to become regenerative.

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Beyond the Powergirl

We advocate for gender equality and share insights that are vital in creating a world where it is a reality. This tool helps businesses connect with female trailblazers, and empowers them to thrive in a future where women run the world.

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Change Engagement

Our Change Engagement helps transform brands and organizations. Using the power of empathy, we guide teams to welcome change. Because change only happens when everyone is on board. To unlock it, brands must be eager to take action.

We continuously develop tools to better understand human behavior, emerging trends, and the essence of brands that people love. Our findings help businesses understand what people want and stand for, and enable them to become regenerative. Find out how each of our tools can empower your business.