Cultural Research

People and Cultural Research is at the heart of our practices and allows brands to understand the perspectives of all people in their ecosystem. Regenerative brands must be in sync with the people they serve in order to create meaningful change. Knowing that people’s perspectives are evolving with the sign of the times.


Accurate insights come from knowing the societal issues that cause dilemmas in people’s life. Regenerative brands recognize the tension and start the journey to solve them, finding the key to get in motion and welcome change. We structure motivations and explain how people deal with limitations and possibilities in the human framework.

Human Framework in Moniek’s words


Ethnographics require an expert to run and analyze interviews. We have a team of multi-cultured decoders who apply empathy and psychology to understand cultural nuances deeply. Ethnos allow teams to understand people and societal trends to build a relevant positioning. This research methodology works well in single interviews, focus groups, online and offline.

Focus Groups

Social listening

Social Listening is the analysis of data gathered on social media. First, we select relevant platforms and themes. Next, we decode the search result through the lens of psychology and cultural understanding.
Big data becomes meaningful by bringing it to life in an everyday context. 

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We explore and study the response of all stakeholders in the ecosystem to sharpen our manifestation of the purpose, propositions, communication, and activation. We orchestrate to understand all perspectives and strengthen our empathy and what we bring. Because this is online, we can meet people from all across the globe. Our team speaks over 15 languages.

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Positioning with Purpose

Love brands today stand up to accelerate the pursuit of a better world. Positioning with Purpose is our proprietary practice that identifies the purpose positioning of brands to create a positive impact. Regenerative brands give more than they take; they reverse the damage done to people and the planet. 

Purpose Dive methodology

The Purpose Dive transforms teams and brands. The process starts with immersions and group exercises to move forward toward change. Step-by-step inspiration, engagement, and support ensure seamless collaboration. The Purpose Dive can be done in person or 100% digitally using our proprietary tool.

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People Immersions

Immersions are in-depth, personal conversations about people’s life and the category at hand. The brand team needs them as input to shape a relevant positioning. Immersions transform a team because they are much deeper than the cupboard check during consumer connects. They stick with us for life and guide the change for a positive impact.

Joyshree Reinelt on Immersions

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Believers’ Pyramid

Our hero tool with only four elements building upon each other: the aspired identity of the people we serve; human truth reflecting their tension in today’s society; brand point of view to resolve the pressure and the purpose to impact the community positively; offer truth turns the idea into what the brand brings. Listen to the podcast to learn more.

In Moniek Tersmette’s words

Regenerative Ambition

Purpose today goes beyond positive impact. The regenerative ambition describes how we can do better and guides a transformation that includes the entire ecosystem. The regenerative ambition unites teams with one mission to make a difference for all stakeholders.

Activation and Innovation

Activation and Innovation is our practice that turns purpose into action. With a multidisciplinary team, we co-create ideas for innovation and activations that reflect a brand’s purpose. Because we believe that purpose can only be meaningful when everyone is engaged, both internally and externally. 

Activists Archetypes

Turning an idea into action requires a specific attitude from the brand. One needs to imagine the direction and act upon it. To make this more accessible for teams, we developed the Activists Archetypes. It is an empathy exercise that removes boundaries, shifts towards new thinking, and makes this tangible.

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Play the Game

Feminine Values

We believe that moving towards a regenerative future requires resetting values. Innate Motion developed the Beyond the Powergirl book and game to bring feminine values to the business world. A world that is still so dominated by men. It is an empathy exercise for all to broaden their scope in innovation and activations. 

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The Maker Camp is a co-creative session that starts in the outer world to find inspiration among trendsetters, influencers, frontrunners—seeking examples to roll out the regenerative purpose in all business areas. The goal is to create partnerships to take the purpose further. Teams can do the Maker Camp in person or 100% digitally.


We designed the Contribution Game to detect the specific expertise in teams. This tool helps us understand the people within organizations and their perspective of the company; what is the role they each play, what is the company’s expertise, and what values does the company live by? 

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Change Engagement

We all know that change is hard; it can be uncomfortable. It requires effort. It challenges our egos. That’s why we guide teams to welcome change with the power of empathy.
Our Change Engagement journeys transform brands and organizations. We believe change only happens when everyone is on board and the change ambition anchors in the organization’s culture. People need to overcome fear, deal with vulnerability to unlock the attitude and energy required for change. 

We continuously develop tools to understand better human behavior, emerging trends, and the essence of brands that people love. We combine psychology, sociology, marketing, and business tools to help companies discover their place in our world’s regenerative future. We do this by designing for journeys of participation, unlocking the contribution of everyone.