Insight Lab

We humanize strategic decision-making with qualitative and quantitative cultural decoding expertise. As psychologists and sociologists, we unite under the simple belief that everything has meaning. We excel at decoding human truths, cultural tensions, and uncover biases. With empathy-fit insights, we transform business challenges into strategic advantages.

Understand People

Do you seek meaningful insights into people, culture, categories, and brands?

We train and coach teams to grow their empathy for the people we serve. Immersions are a great way to step into people’s lives. Read more about the benefit of growing empathy in Fierce Empathy

Behavior Change

Do you seek cues to change people’s behavior?

We are a diverse team of academics trained in understanding people and culture. Infused with neuroscience we detect ways to influence behavior, and interpret the difference between what they say and do.


Do you seek scenarios for a future-fit brand?

We discover future scenarios. We trained people across the globe to decode trends and value shifts. Together, we uncover new ways for brands to be relevant in people’s lives.

Market Expansion

Do you seek business growth from untapped opportunities?

We define strategic growth platforms anchored in cultural shifts and emerging behaviors. We uncover new markets and categories rooted in needs. Listen: Motivations by Moniek Tersmette

Audience Expansion

Do you seek to recruit and retain new consumers and customers?

Beyond personas and segmentations, we decode the identity strivings of the people you want to serve. Unveiling their tensions and aspirations allows us to engage with them in a relevant and resonating way.

Competitive Edge

Do you seek to differentiate your brand and portfolio?

Semiotics identifies cues, codes, and narratives within a cultural context. This allows one to sharpen a position and prevents a dissonance between the intended and perceived meaning of communication.


Brand Lab

Purpose is our reason for being. Since our start in 2007, we have conducted Purpose Dives for over 500 brands and companies. In an engaging workshop, we co-create purpose definitions using the power of empathy. Crafting a purpose is more than an elevator poster. It should serve a societal issue as well as SDGs.

Digital Brand
Purpose Dive

Do you seek positive impact? Our signature experiential journey with a multidisciplinary team using our proprietary tool unveils a relevant purpose. 

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See the demo.



Purpose Dive

Do you seek an identity for your team? We engage a diverse team to detect their leadership style and explore how best to collaborate for the greater good. 

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Turning your purpose into action? Workshop journey that combines Innate Motion’s purpose expertise with Nativa’s capability to measure impact to define a master plan.

Impact Design

With purpose as the north star, we make it tangible in everything we do by defining the change we want to see in society and the steps to get there. We develop a measurable change roadmap taking all touchpoints and stakeholders into account.

Utopia Accelerator (NEW)

There are no better visions than the ones that give nostalgia for the future. Embracing the principles of Utopia Brands we build a vision that encourages people to participate in creating a better future.

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Impact Ignitor

Change can be overwhelming when not focusing on the first step to take. Designing a roadmap of actions that show the change step by step is the most human way to accept and embrace transformation.

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Innovation Sprint

We tap into the creativity of start-ups and changemakers to innovate in line with the purpose. We co-create products and services that transform your offer and contribute to bringing to life your utopia.

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Activation Ideation

Change comes through the participation and engagement of a whole community. We co-create experiential activations that offer people a direct encounter with the envisioned world it seeks to shape.

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Narrative Creation

The best brand stories are created with – and not for – the people they serve. Defining the blueprint that encapsulates the essence of the purpose allows every story to hit the mark and create relevance.

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Change Lab

Business today happens in a fast-changing environment. Teams need to be ready to deal with change. We believe the real work is in engaging people first. We apply our Welcome Change Principles to collaborate for a better future, unlocking the transformative power of empathy for ourselves and others.

Humanizing your most challenging business problems is what we do.

We see how the speed and complexity of change stifles our humanity. That’s why in all our practices we apply human sense to business challenges, with empathy as our superpower.

Our deep insights help you understand what people in your ecosystem want and stand for, and we use that to create more relevance and resonance for your business. This drives meaningful growth.

We pioneered purpose in branding and motivational research, and today we expand our focus to include organizations and their full ecosystems.

For more information on how we can empower your business and organization, contact us at