Strategic Insights

We are psychologists renowned for understanding people. Thanks to the team’s diversity, we excel in cultural understanding worldwide. Our qualitative and quantitative research services include Ethnos, Social Listening, Semiotics, Online Focus Groups, and Interactive Communities.


Do you seek white spaces for growth? Uncovering segmentations rooted in people’s motivations and needs.

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Discover areas for your purpose. Framing movements, behavior changes, and issues for organizations to address in society.

Future Trend

Discover future scenarios. Decoding trends and value shifts to detect areas for meaningful growth.


Purpose Positioning

Purpose is our reason for being. Since our start in 2007, we have conducted Purpose Dives for over 500 brands and companies. In an engaging workshop, we co-create purpose definitions using the power of empathy. Crafting a purpose is more than an elevator poster. It should serve a societal issue as well as SDGs.

Digital Brand
Purpose Dive

Do you seek positive impact? Our signature experiential journey with a multidisciplinary team using our proprietary tool unveils a relevant purpose. 

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Purpose Dive

Do you seek an identity for your team? We engage a diverse team to detect their leadership style and explore how best to collaborate for the greater good. 

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Turning your purpose into action? Workshop journey that combines Innate Motion’s purpose expertise with Nativa’s capability to measure impact to define a master plan.

Innovation and Activation

With purpose as the north star, we make it tangible in everything we do by defining the change we want to see in society and the steps to get there. We develop a measurable change roadmap taking all touchpoints and stakeholders into account.

Impact Ignitor

Are you ready to turn your purpose into action? Workshop journey that delivers a roadmap and implementation plan across the entire marketing mix.

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We tap into the creativity of start-ups and changemakers to innovate in line with the purpose. We co-create products and services that transform your offer.

Maker Camp

Do you want to mobilize people behind your purpose? We explore partnerships to solve societal issues. We define communication principles to engage across generations.

Change Engagement

Business today happens in a fast-changing environment. Teams need to be ready to deal with change. We believe the real work is in engaging people first. We apply our Welcome Change Principles to collaborate for a better future, unlocking the transformative power of empathy for ourselves and others.

We continuously develop tools to better understand human behavior, emerging trends, and the essence of brands that people love. Our findings help businesses understand what people want and stand for, and enable them to become regenerative. Find out how each of our practices and tools can empower your business.

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