Eva Meuer (she/her)

A curious and driven psychologist, boulder addict with a passion for holistic wellness and personal growth. I am an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation, which I incorporate into my daily routine. I love to try new things and am currently exploring the world of coffee. 

Currently, I am pursuing a research-focused master’s degree in economics and psychology in Paris, addressing the intersection between both fields. Joining Innate Motion as an intern was the perfect way to apply my learned skill sets and achieve a balance between quantitative and qualitative research while still being in line with my values 

Thaïs Gyurcsó she/her

Caregiver, pedagogue, avid baker, linguist, and new mum.  Growing up in a multicultural family and schooled in the IB system, I was so fascinated by languages and cultures that I set out on my first self-determined move halfway across the world at the age of 13. Since then, I have lived and worked in more than 15 countries, picking up a couple of languages and a degree in linguistics along the way.

For a while, I believed translation and education were going to be my way to have a positive impact on the world until I heard of Innate Motion being a B Corp and figured it was meant to be! Today, my acute sense of empathy and knack for words help me connect with people on a deeper level. I believe in building a future where the regenerative business will be the norm. Contributing to this change makes feel me proud every day.